Alinity and The Mob argue over harassment claims on Twitter

By Olivia Richman


Dec 9, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Twitch streamer Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon is no stranger to controversy, but it seems she’s had enough of the drama as of late. 

Alinity took to Twitter to call out members of 100 Thieves’ content creator group, The Mob, for continuously harassing her. She decided to call out some of the streamers when one of the members, Froste, shared a tweet discussing his disdain for toxic online communities. He wrote a series of tweets about “stans” creating a “for or against us” mentality that results in the bullying of others. 

“The ‘stans’ aren’t the issue here. They are kids and don’t know any better. The issue is content creators not setting boundaries with their fans because they’re scared of pushing them away,” Froste said.

Alinity seemed to find the tweet hypocritical after members of The Mob continued to harass her online when she was accused of abusing her pets. While the Saskatoon SPCA cleared her of the accusations, the streaming community has not been able to ignore the clips of Alinity throwing her cat, spitting alcohol into its mouth, and kicking her dog. 

“But you didn’t seem to mind toxicity when Mob members made frequent tweets over the span of a year, shitting on me and sending harassment. Remember my birthday post with a thousand hate messages?” Alinity tweeted back at Froste. 

When Froste came back with an accusation that Alinity was using the cat abuse drama for attention, Alinity shared screenshots of people bullying her on social media. She explained that constant harassment from The Mob caused others to start attacking her to the point where she had to block them. 

“What if you made a mistake, and got made fun of on the daily by a hate mob? And the hate mob has way more people on their side, to the point where you can’t do anything but accept the harassment and block them; and they laugh about how they got blocked,” Alinity said.

She added that the situation was made even worse when the same people who harassed her “talk platitudes about positivity and being against harassing people.” Alinity said that she believes the situation would make Froste and others upset to the point that they’d “have to say something.” 

Twitch community, The Mob responds to Alinity’s harassment accusations

The Mob’s fans were split on the controversy. Some of them agreed with Alinity, bringing up how some members of The Mob had continuously spammed Alinity a few years ago. But other fans felt that Alinity had just dragged up old drama again since the tweets she screenshotted were from the start of the year. 

Despite some support on Twitter, one member of The Mob decided to apologize to Alinity. JhbTeam directed a tweet at the streaming star after the drama unfolded, saying that he deleted most of the tweets he’d made about her in the past. 

“I realized they were wrong and I didn’t want to have that type of stuff on my page,” JhbTeam said. 

What is Alinity known for?

Alinity is a popular Twitch streamer who usually plays a variety of games including Apex Legends, World of Warcraft, and Fall Guys. Her 1.3 million followers mostly follow her for her Just Chatting streams, however. Alinity gained notoriety for her constant Twitch controversy, mostly surrounding her treatment of animals during live broadcasts. 

What did Alinity do to her dog? 

Earlier in 2020, PETA called out Alinity for abusing her animals after the streamer shared a disturbingly suggestive clip of her dog licking her private parts for an uncomfortably long time. While Alinity felt that her haters had “gone too far” after demanding Twitch ban her following the clip, it’s not the first time she’s been called out for mistreating her pets. 

Alinity has also been called out for kicking her dog, although many pointed out that it was more of a nudge. But Alinity also threw her cat and spat alcohol into its mouth during a live broadcast, which have been the main source of the outcry against the streamer. 

Why did Alinity get banned?

While many in the Twitch community feel that Alinity gets special treatment from the streaming platform, she has actually been temporarily banned in the past. It wasn’t over her animal abuse allegations, however. Instead, the ban was for a NSFW wardrobe malfunction.

Alinity accidentally flashed her breast on a live stream during a humorous bit with a pillow. Twitch was silent on the matter at first, leading to many viewers to call for a ban. It’s long been theorized that Twitch gives popular female streamers special treatment and this seemed to prove it. In the end, Alinity did receive a brief suspension.