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AI xQc gains 1500 live viewers, here’s why

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 24, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

There’s an AI Félix “xQc” Lengyel online that viewers prefer to watch because it’s easier to understand.

xQc is known for his hilarious reactions, terrible skills in CSGO, and epic GTA role-play. Despite being a streaming icon, fans barely understand what xQc is saying half the time, but they still watch. He talks too fast and often mixes up his words. This is something he’s also realized recently while watching one of his own streams.

Now, an AI xQc has appeared online with a similar voice and tone but is comparatively easier to understand. Just because of this simple fact, the virtual streamer garnered 1500 live viewers.

AI xQc is easier to understand than real xQc

AI xQc went live playing Only Up and had 1500 peak viewers, which is a lot for AI. Soon after, the clip of AI xQc playing Only Up went viral in the gaming community, prompting a hilarious response. Besides being funny, AI xQc is more articulate, which was a common thought among his fans. The AI has everything xQc does, from humor to blonde hair. But it’s more fluent, which fans have grown to love.

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XQc’s fans joked that they understand the AI better than the real streamer. The channel currently sits at 8k followers, meaning it has already gained the attention of thousands of fans. But some claim that xQc’s signature tone is part of why his reactions are funnier.

The streamer hasn’t acknowledged the clone just yet and fans are looking forward to it.

While some focus on AiIs humor and voice, others are concerned about how realistic it is. Notable members also joked about AI snagging all brand deals and becoming the number-one streamer on Twitch. In any case, the realistic AI xQc’s success is definitely a massive development in the video game streaming space.