Aegislash coming to Pokemon Unite soon, all moves revealed

By Steven Rondina


Jan 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A fully playable Aegislash has been discovered in hidden Pokemon Unite game files, likely leaking that it’s the next licensable character in the popular game.

Pokemon Unite’s update schedule effectively prevents surprises from being possible, much like Apex Legends. But while Apex Legends revealed the names of upcoming characters and contained hidden files for upcoming abilities, Pokemon Unite is adding fully realized builds of licensable Pokemon.

The latest example of this is Aegislash. Pokemon Unite data miner ElChicoEevee unearthed a finished build of the Pokemon that is set to drop next month.

Aegislash moves in Pokemon Unite revealed

Aegislash has the unique Stance Change ability in the mainline Pokemon games, and that is being brought over to Pokemon Unite.

Stance Change sees Aegislash effectively flip between a sword stance that has high attack and a shield stance with high defense. When attacking it moves into a sword stance, but when it uses the move King’s Shield, it reverts to a shield stance.

Aegislash in Pokemon Unite will have this same mechanic that sees it switching between attacking and defending stances. 

At level five as Doublade, the Pokemon learns its first upgraded attack with the choice of either Sacred Sword or Shadow Claw. Both offer increased mobility with Sacred Sword dashing the Pokemon forward and empowering its next attack while Shadow Claw sees it move in a direction swinging wildly, dealing three instances of damage.

At level seven it evolves to Aegislash and has the choice between King’s Shield and another ability. Both will revert Aegislash into its shield stance while its other move turns it to its sword stance. It’s easy to see how these attacks would chain into one another and how this would set Aegislash apart from other licensable Pokemon in the game.

Aegislash’s Unite Move is unique in its simplicity. It seems as though the attack sees Aegislash dish out a lengthy slash, dealing damage in an AOE line. 

Aegislash is likely to land in Pokemon Unite on February 14 alongside the season five battle pass. It’s unknown whether it will be part of an event or how many Aeos Coins it will cost to license the Pokemon.