Pokemon Unite New Sheriff in Town battle pass rewards leaked

By Olivia Richman


Jan 21, 2022

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Pokemon Unite’s fourth battle pass will be gone in less than two weeks and trainers are already wondering what’s coming in season five. The answer has been leaked for Pokemon Unite fans and it’s the New Sheriff in Town Battle Pass.

Data miners have dug up hidden files revealing everything there is to know about Pokemon Unite season 5’s battle pass and an upcoming Pokemon coming to the roster. Though it’s not as explosive as the recent Pokemon Legends: Arceus leaks, a lot of new content is coming soon.

While the newest update just dropped, it looks like developers have a lot of new content on the way for fans of Pokemon Unite. Here is what Pokemon Unite players can expect in the coming weeks.

Pokemon Unite New Sheriff in Town battle pass adds cowboy Holowears

Season 5 will be themed after the wild west, with the battle pass rumored to be called New Sheriff in Town. There will be wild west Holowear for Zeraora and a different skin for Dragonite.

Zeraora will look like a badass cowboy complete with gun holsters and a hat. Dragonite looks more like a farmer thanks to an apron and scarf.

But on top of the skins, players can expect some fun, new recall animations and other effects for attacks. Hilariously, Zeraora will walk through a saloon-style building to get back to the base when wearing its new Holowear.

Pokemon Unite Season 5 battle pass brings new cowboy trainer outfits

The wild west look won’t just be for Pokemon. There will be wild west-themed outfits for trainer avatars as well.

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If the leaks come true, it looks like there are two different skins trainers can equip. One looks like a sheriff with a cowboy hat, gun holster, bandana, and Pokemon ball belt buckle. The other looks like someone living modestly in a wild west settlement.

Aegislash coming to Pokemon Unite in season 5

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Trevenant just arrived in Pokemon Unite but leakers are already using the update to check out the files for what’s happening next. To some trainers’ surprise, there is actually a lot more coming their way than expected.

Aegislash is a gen-six steel-ghost Pokemon that looks to be an all-rounder in Pokemon Unite. Not only is the Pokemon a dual type, but it will have similar mechanics to the mainline games, shifting between all-out attacking and all-out defense. The moveset looks to include Iron Defense, King’s Shield, Sacred Sword, and Shadow Claw, according to leaks.

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When is Aegislash coming to Pokemon Unite?

It’s currently not confirmed by The Pokemon Company, but rumors state that Aegislash will be released on February, 14.


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