Adin Ross says Kick rules regarding speeding could kill people

By Fariha Bhatti


May 2, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Adin Ross has voiced his concern over the Squeeze Benz and N3on crash incident, calling out Kick for not taking stricter action. 

On April 29, N3on’s livestream caused a stir on the internet with a frightening car stream. After almost three hours of streaming with Squeeze Benz behind the wheel — a car influencer known for his wild stunts — the two crashed into a car in the middle of a busy road. Since the whole stunt happened on livestream, it was evident that the streamers were to be blamed for overspeeding and swerving. 

After temporarily suspending N30n’s channel, Kick unbanned him within a day. Adin Ross believes this sets a dangerous precedent. 

Adin Ross says Kick rules will kill people

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Taking to X, Adin Ross expressed his concern over the dramatic stream and how it could influence young car owners to film similar content. Since the punishment wasn’t as severe, Kick streamers won’t have much on the line when they decide to copy Squeeze Benz. 

“There is 100% gonna be a group of people, a group of kids whatever, who think this s— is cool to do. So, what’s gonna happen is a bunch of people are going to try to cut up, and you’re gonna see a lot more accidents, and God forbid no one truly dies or gets hurt,” Adin Ross said. 

Many of his fans and haters agreed with the stance, calling out Kick for unbanning N3on without making a strong point. The fact that the video went viral is even more dangerous as it sends a message that speeding can get you views. If Kick had at least banned N3on longer for a day, other streamers may think twice before putting themselves in danger. 

He explained that not everyone drives as well as Squeeze Benz, which makes the short ban more dangerous. Explaining the risks involving filming and speeding, Adin called out Kick of favoritism by banning N3on for merely a day. 

“That is pure favoritism… Kick, you gotta fix this sh-t. For real. It’s a platform that is specifically drowning. You cannot bail him and give him a slap on the wrist for promoting Squeeze Benz,” Adin continued. 

While his point has weightage, it’s unlikely Kick would take any action. The platform has lax rules and regulations regarding gambling and nudity, and while speeding is certainly a matter of life and death, Kick has a history of pandering to the viewer base, who enjoys dangerous content.