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Adin Ross permanently banned from Twitch, moves to Kick

By Olivia Richman


Feb 26, 2023

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Adin Ross has been permanently banned from Twitch, but he plans to continue his streaming career on rising rival platform Kick.

Popular and controversial streamer Adin Ross recently revealed that he was warned by Twitch that his “new content” was going to lead to a ban from the streaming platform. It looks like this has now become a reality, with Ross receiving a permanent ban from Twitch on February 25, 2023.

Here’s a look at what happened leading up to the ban.

Did Adin Ross switch to Kick?

Adin Ross discussed a move to Twitch’s competitor Kick earlier in February, stating that he wanted to switch to Kick since Twitch was trying to silence him. The problem, however, was that Kick didn’t offer enough money. Well, it looks like Ross has changed his mind.

On February 13, Kick announced that Adin Ross had joined the “Kick family.” The streamer’s fanbase responded with words of congratulations and an abundance of “W’s.”

As Twitch has continued to double down on betting streams and confuse streamers with its inconsistent punishments, streamers have been growing weary of the platform and have started looking for alternatives. Kick has been part of this discussion since it offers a revenue split in favor of streamers and has a lot more lenient guidelines, enticing gambling streamers and other controversial creators.

Why is Adin Ross banned from Twitch?

Kick responded to Adin Ross’ ban by taking jabs at Twitch. The official Twitter stated that Kick “won’t take 50% of your revenue” and “won’t ban you for switching platforms.” This indicates that Twitch banned Ross for switching platforms, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Adin Ross may have been permanently banned for breaking some type of contract he had with Twitch. But he has also been under fire for a very long time. This was actually his eighth ban.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel recently called out Adin Ross for copying Andrew Tate, a sexist influencer who is currently in jail as Romanian police continue to investigate human trafficking charges against him. Ross had been sharing similar rhetoric to his young fans, which is allegedly why Twitch called him up to warn him about a potential ban if he continued this new content.

Ross also streamed the Super Bowl, which is copyrighted, and then streamed porn despite “not supporting this s—.” He kept asking his fans what they wanted to watch and then went to a popular porn site and joked about various sexual acts. Ross then asked his fans if they still “beat their meat.”

Does Kick have any streamer guidelines?

Twitch has become controversial for its very strict streamer guidelines, which has led to many popular streamers getting in trouble over seemingly small slip-ups. This is one of the reasons that some streamers are turning to Kick.

Kick’s guidelines are a lot more lax. But sexually suggestive content, including the following content, is still prohibited.

  • Erotic or sexually suggestive dancing or gestures
  • Sexually suggestive clothing
  • Sexually suggestive commentary
  • Viewing of sexually explicit content on stream
  • Sexually suggestive emoticons, avatars, images, links

This sounds quite similar to Twitch and even includes “viewing of sexually explicit content” as against its guidelines. But Adin Ross has been safe from any controversy on the platform thus far, making the streaming community curious about what would actually lead to a suspension on the new streaming service.

Adin Ross reacts to Twitch ban

Adin Ross addressed the permanent ban on Kick, where he reached 100,000 viewers.

Ross explained that he “already locked” in with Kick anyway, reiterating that Twitch was “out to get” him, along with other streamers like Kai Cenat. Meanwhile, Ross felt that Twitch was still biased against certain streamers, adding that if he wore makeup and had “long fingernails” he’d probably still be allowed on Twitch.

Other streamers also responded to Adin Ross’ permanent ban. Kai Cenat reacted to the news on stream, saying that Ross didn’t have a “fallback” if Kick didn’t do well. xQc stopped a game of chess to also react to Ross’ permaban. He even questioned if it was a joke, seeming shocked at the update.

For now, Ross will be streaming on Kick whether that was his actual plan or not. He will be joining Corinna Kopf and Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam on the new platform.


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