Adin Ross

“I need more money”: Adin Ross contemplates streaming on Kick

By Olivia Richman


Feb 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Kick has been getting more and more controversial as streamers continue to debate leaving Twitch for the new platform. The most recent to discuss the switch is Adin Ross, but he still had some concerns.

Tyler “Trainwreck” Nicknam is one of the most well-known gambling streamers on Twitch. When the Microsoft-owned platform cut down on gambling content, Trainwreck was one of the streamers impacted by the big change. He soon turned to Kick, an up-and-coming streaming platform that promises to have more financial benefits for streamers and the ability to gamble. In fact, it was revealed that one of the investors of Kick is the owner of Stake, a gambling site banned on Twitch.

With Trainwreck backing Kick, other streamers have started thinking about a potential move. This includes Adin Ross, who recently claimed Twitch threatened to permanently ban him. Would Kick be the answer?

Is Adin Ross leaving Twitch?

Adin Ross recently revealed that he was planning to stream on Kick after Twitch attempted to “silence” his new content, which largely revolves around sharing similar rhetoric to Andrew Tate, a red pill podcaster currently in jail during a human trafficking investigation.

When shocked fans asked why he was going to Kick, Adin Ross said that the platform has “no Terms of Service” and he’d be able to say whatever he wanted — and his chat could, too.

Adin Ross added, however, that the switch to Kick wasn’t actually an option at the moment. He said that Kick had initially reached out to him on Twitter with some “funny” tweets. But he isn’t going to Kick 100%, he said.

The reason? Money.

“I need more money,” Adin Ross told fans. “You guys are not offering me enough money to go full-time. It’s the truth. I need more f—ing money, bro. I need more money.”

It’s currently unknown what Kick offered Ross to stream exclusively for them — or if they even did. But many streamers are still intrigued by the benefits that come with the new platform. Kick promises to give streamers the majority of the money they make from subscriptions. They also don’t seem to have strict guidelines for content at the moment.

Many streamers are waiting to see how Kick does, sick of Twitch’s inconsistent punishments and rulings. This includes Asmongold, a World of Warcraft streamer who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.