Adin Ross gets banned on Twitch after being swatted live

Fariha Bhatti • November 10, 2022 11:15 am

Twitch streamer Adin Ross was briefly banned from the platform after being swatted during a live stream.

Amazon-owned platform Twitch has tightened the rules against trolls, but swatting remains a thing in 2022. There’s no easy way to stop the viewers from hoax-calling the emergency services, which is why swatting is incredibly common on Twitch. Adin Ross is the recent target of the trolls, but that’s not all that happened. In a surprising turn of events, he also got slammed with a purple ban hammer.

On November 10, Adin Ross was mid-stream when he heard the police sirens outside his house. He called up a friend for help while cursing his audience for trolling.

“I could f—ing die, my friends could die. Everyone’s outside right now, bro. Y’all really swat bro. Hope whoever’s doing it, hope the worst happens to you. Hope you never amount to anything, bro. Hope bad shit happens to you,” Adin Ross said.

The streamer also claimed that he could hear helicopters outside of his home. While many believed it was a bit too extreme for a swatting, it’s highly possible. After about eight minutes, Adin Ross was told to walk outside when it was safe. It was an unfortunate incident that 200,000 viewers watched live, clipping the moments and circulating them on the internet.

The stream was eventful, but no one expected an instant ban for the streamer. Though short, Adin Ross was banned for unknown reasons. In a deleted tweet, the streamer complained that “I really got banned on Twitch for being swatted,” but the exact cause remains unknown.

Twitch has written in its Terms of Service that it can end a stream if something dangerous happens. The guidelines read: “In situations where a user has lost control of their broadcast due to severe injury, medical emergency, police action, or being targeted with serious violence, we will temporarily remove the channel and associated content.”

Ross’ fans were still skeptical about the reason behind the ban, however. Others were left speculating if the streamer was actually swatted, noting that there was no police in a door’s reflection.


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