Adin Ross addiction

Adin Ross forcibly removed from TwitchCon

By Olivia Richman


Oct 22, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Adin Ross has continued his path of controversy by attempting to crash TwitchCon, which didn’t work out.

TwitchCon was held in Las Vegas this year, bringing all the biggest content creators to one place where they could interact with fans and participate in panels. Apparently, Ross wanted in on the attention and headed to Las Vegas with the intention of crashing TwitchCon.

Why was Adin Ross kicked out of TwitchCon?

Adin Ross has very proudly switched to Kick, a Twitch competitor with loose guidelines. Over there, he has continued to start up drama, including a time he showed porn to his young viewers and his beef with his own family after being influenced by accused kidnapper Andrew Tate.

Despite his satisfaction witch Kick, Ross hasn’t been able to stop badmouthing Twitch and other streamers — most likely since he’s been banned from the platform. Most recently, he decided to stream himself wearing a Kick t-shirt while trying to barge his way into TwitchCon.

“I want to meet the CEO,” he said to security. “Eddie told me to be really nice. I just want to ask him a couple questions. Where do I find the CEO at?”

When that tactic didn’t work, the edgelord promised he was “not here to cause problems” and only wanted to “spread love.” His goal? Get unbanned from Twitch by asking CEO Eddie Craven in person.

While other streamers have been given a “second chance” recently, it looks like Ross won’t be one of them. Security told Ross he “had to leave” despite him having allegedly paid for a badge. According to security, Ross had “violated Twitch’s code of conduct,” which is why he had to leave.

“What did I do? What the f— did I do? F— Twitch!” Ross yelled.

Following the stunt, the streamers that came along with Ross were also banned indefinitely from Twitch. Felix “xQc” Lengyel said on stream shortly after that he felt the bans were wrong but had expected Ross to be booted out of the event.

Despite the childish behavior, most Ross fans felt that he deserved a “W” for showing up to the event and getting kicked out shortly after. Many expressed that Twitch was “childish” for not allowing him in and felt that Ross made the right choice by joining Kick instead.