A new courier based on IceFrog is part of new Dota Plus update

By Steven Rondina


Mar 2, 2021

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Dota Plus subscribers have some new content to enjoy with the arrival of the new 2021 spring update, and it comes with a small surprise.

For the most part, the latest Dota 2 update is standard fare with a new treasure for Dota Plus subscribers, some updates to the rewards for members of top guilds, and small changes to the progression system. What makes this one stick out, however, is the top prize attached to the new 2021 spring treasure.

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The very rare courier is seemingly based on IceFrog. While the courier is named Mango the Newt, the character shares a number of similarities to the avatar long used by the creator of Dota 2. The character is a blue amphibian with a staff that has a mango dangling off of it, likely a reference to IceFrog’s pioneering of mango-related memes in years past. Though some might get caught up on the fact that the character is meant to be a newt, the similarities are clear and it’s hard to deny it when the artwork for the update features IceFrog’s avatar at the center.

Outside Mango the Newt, the spring treasure was actually roasted by most fans. Many called out the fact that most of the skins that were a part of the treasure are actually Steam Workshop submissions that are between five and seven years old. Though some of these do still look good, a few appear rather dated. One benefit to these older submissions is that most won’t be adding extra visual noise to the game with the excessive particle effects that have defined recent skin releases in Dota 2.

While you’re here, why not discover everything that’s known about IceFrog?

Who invented DotA 1?

The original creator of Defense of the Ancients is Kyle “Eul” Sommer. Though IceFrog is widely known as the guiding hand behind Dota 2, he wasn’t close to the original creator of DotA. Following the release of WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne, a number of developers took the helm of DotA. Among the most notable names to take charge was Steve “Guinsoo” Feak, who later went on to work with Riot Games on rival MOBA League of Legends.

IceFrog took over control of DotA in 2005 before he was approached by Valve to help develop a sequel that would later became Dota 2.


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