A full guide for how to play Twitch in Wild Rift

By Nicholas James


Apr 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Everyone’s favorite poisonous rodent Twitch is coming to Wild Rift, here’s a guide on how to play League of Legends’ resident sewer rat to his best.

Twitch is a Dragon lane carry, or an AD carry in League of Legends terms, built to carry entire games on his own with levels and items under his belt. Twitch is a low-mobility attack damage carry with tons of damage and useful invisibility. He’s been slightly modified from his League of Legends default, so here’s what you need to know.

Twitch Wild Rift Abilities

Passive – Deadly Poison

Twitch’s auto-attacks add stacks of Deadly Poison to his target, Twitch’s poison deals true damage over time to his opponents.

Ability 1 – Ambush

After a short delay, Twitch becomes invisible and gains a burst of movement speed. Twitch can only be seen from a certain distance away, allowing him to flank and ambush his enemies and open up from unexpected angles.

Use this to escape from extended chases, avoid enemy wards’ vision, and set up for flanks ahead of team fights.

Ability 2 – Venom Cask

Twitch throws a cask that explodes on the ground, slowing enemies hit and granting enemies stacks of Deadly Poison. This ability is Twitch’s main tool for applying his passive to multiple targets at once.

This is Twitch’s main wave clear tool when combined with Expunge.

Ability 3 – Expunge

Expunge is the most key part of Twitch’s kit. Upon activation, he deals damage to enemies currently afflicted by Deadly Poison. Expunge deals more damage to each enemy scaling with the number of Deadly Poison stacks they have.

Use Expunge to punish enemies after extended trades and clear the wave when combined with Venom Cask. Alternatively, finish off fleeing enemies as they try to escape a lost fight. Expunge is Twitch’s way to deal a burst of damage at the end of a fight, so hold it until you’ve maximized your passive stacks or the fight is ending.

Ability 4 – Spray and Pray

Twitch’s Ultimate is Spray and Pray. Upon use, Twitch gains Attack Range and Attack Damage, and his auto-attacks pierce through enemies in a line. This is what allows Twitch to tear entire teams apart. When a Twitch slips out of Ambush to the side of your team and unleashes Spray and Pray, it’s one of the scariest experiences on Summoner’s Rift.

The best build for Twitch in Wild Rift

Twitch should be built as a traditional AD carry, focusing on Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance. The Plague Rat wants to be able to stand mostly still in the late game and dish out tons of team fight damage with Spray And Pray. Look for flanks, stay in stealth before fights, and pop out at key moments to shred the enemy team apart. Twitch is a hard-scaling champion, so be willing to give up the early game’s tempo for safety and gold.


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