A bunch of Hextech Augments are being removed from TFT

By Nicholas James


Jan 19, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

The next Teamfight Tactics update, which is coming in patch 12.2, will see more Hextech Augments removed from the game.

With the mid-set update looming, are more Hextech Augments going the way of the dinosaurs? Despite Hextech Augments being a massive hit, some of them are being removed for the health of the game.

TFT Gizmos and Gadgets mid-set update will see more Hextech Augments removed

The mid-set change for Gadgets and Gizmos has recently been announced and looks to be taking away even more Augments to freshen up the set. The 12.2 patch review from Teamfight Tactics highlighted that Thrill Of The Hunt III would be getting removed from the game, as its generic power was too tempting over most other augments.

With many Heart and Emblem Hextech Augments getting overhauls earlier in the set, it’s not surprising to see the design team sunsetting some of the more problematic augments. It’s already been announced that both Academy and Imperial will be leaving the set, and fans can strap in for plenty of augments to not be available once Neon Nights hits.

Hextech Augments have been a smash hit, and it looks like the Teamfight Tactics team agrees with the community that branching decision-making drastically increases replayability and overall enjoyment. Gadgets and Gizmos has been Teamfight Tactics’ most successful set to date, and the developers seem committed to keeping it from growing stale.

The Teamfight Tactics roadmap has been announced, with the mid-set update coming in mid-February, followed by the next set in the spring. In the meantime, it’s likely that certain Augments will be removed entirely, with standouts like Rich Get Richer, Broken Stopwatch, and a few others likely in more danger than their peers. While they might not be called Hextech Augments anymore, something similar will likely be an evergreen feature of the auto battler from here on out.


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