72-year-old Twitch streamer OldBuzzardt passes away

By Olivia Richman


Oct 19, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

It’s a sad day for the Fortnite community. 

72-year-old Twitch streamer OldBuzzardt has passed away. With over 80,000 followers, the Fortnite streamer had a loyal audience. He even had his own Creator Code in the popular battle royale. The streamer, who went by Buzz, went live almost every day for about five hours to chat with fans and play Fortnite. 

Buzz was set to stream Fortnite on October 17, but sadly passed away. His live stream, which is still being broadcasted, is now a still image of Buzz and a note from his family. He passed away at home. His family didn’t mention the cause of death. 

“We have left the stream and chat open for you all to gather and pay your respects. I hope you know how much you all meant to Buzz. He loved playing Fortnite with you all. We want to thank you for making this whole thing possible for him,” his family wrote. 

Oldbuzzardt’s stream is currently a place for his fans to find support.

Buzzardt passes away, stream becomesa memorial

The 72-year-old Fortnite fan was previously a law enforcement officer. His Twitch profile states he was a law enforcement officer from 1969 to 2010. He also spent time in the US Air Force and US Army Active Reserve. Buzz was also very much into gaming. His Twitter bio says he’s been playing computer games since 1982. 

“I play for the fun of the game,” Buzz said. 

Buzz’s fans are currently writing kind words on his live stream. Many noted that the news made them cry. One man said that he wasn’t a fan of Fortnite but Buzz was just so much fun to watch. Another person in the chat noted that Buzz never got mad when he died in-game. His positive attitude made him a favorite to watch. One fan even said they watched Buzz each day to help them deal with their depression.