4,500 champion voice lines vanished in LoL

By Nicholas James


Apr 29, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games recently updated fans on its plans to repair and refresh the game, and this included admitting that over 4,500 champion voice lines had disappeared from the game.

League of Legends has an absolutely massive roster of characters. The roster is so big that it’s rapidly closing in on 160 unique champions. Given that League of Legends is a MOBA, the only real chance to characterize the champions is with voice lines. In a recent update, Riot Games told fans that over 4,500 voice lines across approximately 100 champions had disappeared from the game unintentionally. Here are all the details we know about the mysteriously vanishing voice lines.

4,500 voice lines vanish or glitch out

Riot Games has been trying to be communicative and open about its plans for League of Legends with fans. This was prompted by significant backlash to the season launch cinematic and the 2023 roadmap. In response, Riot Games started to publish semi-regular dev discussions. In these videos, Riot employees Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler take fans through Riot’s current plans. Over the course of the most recent video, the two disclosed that Riot Games had discovered over 4,500 non-functioning voice lines in the game. These voice lines either weren’t playing at all, weren’t functioning on certain skins, or were being played over by other lines that were always prioritized for one reason or another.

These champion voice lines were split across approximately 100 champions, and all had varying reasons for not working. At the time of the dev video being recorded, Riot had already fixed about 1,500 lines. Fans have been noticing missing voice lines on various champions for years. Until now, none had realized just how widespread the problem was. Riot is well on track to fixing the problem, it seems, so fans don’t need to worry.


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