2022 EU Masters Spring quarterfinals include Karmine vs. UoL

By Christian Vejvad


Apr 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The first European Masters event of 2022 is heading into the knock-out stage this week, starting with four exciting quarterfinal matchups. 

Teams from all over Europe have fought in both the play-in and the group stages of the event. Eight teams have made it this far, and that number will be down to four before long. The upcoming matchups will all be highly competitive and will create and advance rivalries between European countries.

In the knock-out stage, a total of three teams will be representing the French LFL. The NLC will be right behind with both its representatives making it past the group stage while the Spanish LVP, German Prime League, and Polish Ultraliga will have one team each.  

Here is the 2022 EU Masters Spring playoff bracket

Right off the bat, fans will be spoiled with some great matchups that could go either way. The first quarterfinal, and potentially the most exciting of them all, will be LFL champion LDLC taking on NLC champion X7 Esports. It’s a surprise that these two giants will clash this early in the playoff stage, as both teams have proven extremely strong throughout the group stage. LDLC made it out of group D with an undefeated 6-0 record while X7 advanced as group B’s second seed after falling short in a tiebreaker with Karmine Corp for first place.

The second quarterfinal will include more power from the NLC, as the biggest surprise of the tournament, Bifrost, will take on Ultraliga champion AGO ROGUE. Bifrost has had the longer journey in the tournament of the two, as it qualified through the play-in stage and topped group C. This leaves Bifrost as a true dark horse in the tournament.

For the third quarterfinal, Germany’s Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition will be up against the defending EU Masters champion and fan-favorite Karmine Corp. The star-studded French roster will be the obvious favorite in this matchup but has shown inconsistencies throughout the season to make this quarterfinal very interesting.

Last but definitely not least, will be two LEC academy teams going up against each other. From the LVP it will be Fnatic TQ, which has looked fairly shaky this tournament. The team will go against LFL’s Vitality Bee. Both teams are incredibly strong on paper, so this could turn into the bloodiest match of them all.

The EU Masters 2022 quarterfinals will kick off on Thursday, April 28, when LDLC clash with X7. 


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