2021 Summer Call to Arms delivers some amazing new Dota 2 skins

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Source model artists have gone all-out for the Summer 2021 Dota 2 Call to Arms. Valve’s annual announcement has brought some of the most beloved Dota 2 hero sets into the game. Valve will decide which sets to make official while keeping an eye on the votes gathered in the Steam workshop. Here are just a few of the awesome sets made for the Dota 2 Summer 2021 Call to Arms.

Silver Dragon King Dragon Knight

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The awesome amount of detail on the Silver Dragon King submission for Dragon Knight has already drawn a lot of attention on the Steam Workshop. The full helmet and turquoise shoulder guards would look great as an official Dragon Knight skin. A beautifully etched shield and four-pointed lance complete a very regal set for the newly christened main character of the game.

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Any Dragon Knight needs to include a cool look for his dragon form too, and creator Elaine didn’t disappoint. There’s even a special black dragon skin for those games where the player picks up an Aghanim’s Scepter.

Sobek Chen

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The Sobek set for Chen goes all out on every piece. The crocodile mask covering Chen’s glowing eyes is the first thing to notice. The staff is a masterpiece, as are the spiked shields adorning the front of the armor. The massive scales behind the saddle add a nice sense of balance to the whole ensemble.

The set’s namesake is an ancient Egyptian crocodile god who presided over war tactics and he makes for a fearsome crocodile mount for Chen to ride on. Chen’s stable already includes a gorilla, rhino, leopard, griffin, and a rat. If Sobek gets voted into Dota 2, Chen will finally get to add a crocodile.

The Gate of Hell Shadow Demon 

A last-minute entry for the Summer Call to Arms is also one of the grandest. Workshop artist AK47 gives Shadow Demon a massive amulet with protruding arms to carry on his back. This fits in perfectly with Shadow Demon’s lore as a puppeteer of dark schemes. A custom Disruption effect with the hand clasping together would be a perfect fit. 

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While the backpiece is definitely the star of the show, the macabre ribcage suit jacket and spiky collar help to balance it out and give it a look more akin to demons from Marvel Comics like Dormammu. The set is overall very busy and could maybe nix a few smaller elements like the glowing blue writing or the spiky shoulder blades. Still, The Gate of Hell is an excellent and flashy set for Shadow Demon. Vote for it here.


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