Paris PickEm

$15,000 Paris Major pick ’em contest announced for Skin.Club

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The Paris Major is coming soon, and Skin.Club is putting up a $15,000 prize pool for its pick’ems to celebrate the final big tournament of CSGO.

Pick’ems are the best way for Counter-Strike fans to show off their knowledge of the pro scene. Predicting the outcome of matches usually just earns a shiny coin and some souvenir skins, but one company is putting valuable prizes on the line for hard reads. CSGO skin marketplace Skin.Club has announced a $15,000 prize pool for its Paris Major pick’ems, meaning players can earn valuable skins, site credit, and more by predicting the final CSGO major champion. Here are details on the prizes and how to sign up for the contest.

The contest, titled “Bonjour, Paris!,” will follow the in-game format where players must predict the winners of the challengers, legends, and champions stage. Correct guesses will move players up the prize ladder, and there are some extremely saucy prizes for players that perform well. The absolute best predictor will get an AWP | Dragon Lore, which is currently valued at over $3,000.

Skin.Club Paris Major pick'ems challenge

Even less-successful players have plenty to earn, with tons of free digital case openings and cash prizes to redeem points for. Other top prizes include an M4A4 | Howl, a Desert Eagle | Blaze, and up to $1,577 in free site credit. Best of all, Skin.Club’s Paris Major pick’ems are completely free to join for site members.

How to sign up for Skin.Club’s $15,000 Paris Major pick’em

Here’s how to join the Bonjour, Paris! pick’ems contest and earn a shot at $15,000 in prizes.

  1. Login to Skin.Club using your Steam account
  2. Fill out your predictions for the challengers stage
  3. Wait for the challengers stage to end and move on to legends

Correct guesses will reward a special currency called Eiffel Coins that can be redeemed for various prizes. The top prize of the AWP | Dragon Lore costs 1,677,745 coins, but prizes start as cheap as just 20 Eiffel Coins. The contest is completely free to enter, so sign up and get your picks in before the Paris Major begins on May 8, 2023.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Skin.Club.