How to get souvenir gun skins from the CSGO Rio Major

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 22, 2022

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Souvenirs are a big part of any big Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event and the Rio Major is no exception.

Even CSGO players with no interest in the esports scene can appreciate a healthy injection of both stickers and souvenir skins into the game. However, fans who are getting back into CSGO in time for the major may not understand Valve’s massive overhaul for commemorative cases. Here’s how to get souvenir cases from the Rio Major and what you can get out of them.

To get souvenir skins for the Rio Major, CSGO players must purchase the Rio Major access pass from Steam or the in-game client for $10. After purchasing it, they can then buy souvenir tokens for $3 each. Once the tournament starts on October 31, 2022, CSGO players can redeem one token for a souvenir case representing a specific Rio Major match. 

CSGO Rio Major souvenir token

CSGO players who want the maximum number of souvenirs per dollar can buy the upgraded Rio Major pass for $18. It comes with three souvenir tokens at a dollar under the usual cost. It is also possible to earn more souvenir tokens for free by successfully predicting the outcome of the three tournament stages. Of course, both packs also include an upgradeable commemorative coin.

What’s inside CSGO Rio Major souvenir cases?

Based on previous souvenir cases, commemorative Rio Major skins will include original map skins and the 2021 collection introduced in Operation Riptide.

Ever since Operation Riptide introduced new 2021 skin collections for Train, Mirage, Dust_2, and Vertigo, Valve has phased out the old souvenir skin collections in favor of the newer variants. That makes it possible, though extremely rare, to open souvenir variants of extremely high-value skins like the AK-47 | Gold Arabesque or the AWP | Desert Hydra. 

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As for the maps that didn’t get 2021 skin collections, they will continue to drop souvenir skins from their older collections. This applies to Ancient, Inferno, Nuke, and Overpass. While not nearly as in vogue as the Riptide skins, those cases still contain multiple juicers including the AK-47 | Panthera onca and M4A1-S | Master Piece.


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