14-year-old becomes first girl to win a FNCS session

By Olivia Richman


Aug 3, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

A 14-year-old Fortnite player has become the first female to win a Fortnite Champions Qualifying solos session. 

Moqii “Moqii” Zoldyck averaged six eliminations across the seven matches she played and also took three Victory Royales. She finished the competition with 94 points, one more than the second-place finisher. Other competitors in the tournament include Fortnite superstar Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson, who finished in eighth place with 73 points.

Moqii has been grinding Fortnite tournaments since she turned 13, the youngest age at which could compete. She’s been in the top 20 in five big Fornite events prior to her victory, including placing 11th in the Contender Solo Cash Cup in November 2019. This gave her a bit of attention in the Fortnite competitive scene, and she joined Gen.G’s Fortnite team in February.

Gen.G proudly announced the accomplishment and spoke to Moqii’s potential to produce more victories in the future.


Twitch also congratulated Moqii on the achievement, prompting her to thank everyone for the support. 

Moqii becomes first female to win FNCS event

While the win was definitely a monumental moment, the qualifiers will continue next weekend. The Finals will be played from August 14 to August 16. 

Moqii will have to keep her focus these next few weeks if she wants to make it to the finals. This could be made a little tougher by the trolls that decided to attack her on Twitter. She mistakenly said she was the first girl to win a Fortnite event her original tweet, prompting men to remind her that she wasn’t actually the first female Fortnite player to take first in a tournament. 

Tina “Tinaraes” Pere had won TwitchCon’s trio Fortnite event last year along with her two male teammates. 

Moqii also addressed people making more personal attacks about her skills and character. A few people allegedly told her that she only won because of luck. 

“People are legit saying that I’m bad and that anyone else could have won that I was lucky,” Moqii tweeted. 

In response, the competitive gaming community rallied around the young player to offer her support and praise. Many told her that other Fortnite players were probably just “jealous.” 


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