100 Thieves wins round in just 16 seconds in pro CSGO match

By Olivia Richman


Nov 19, 2019

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100 Thieves snagged the record for fastest round of the ESL Pro League this season after they took a round from Isurus Gaming in just16 seconds. 

So how is it even possible to win a round that quickly? 

100 Thieves took a round on Inferno in that few seconds by throwing grenades toward middle after gathering that the CTs would be on an eco buy round. But Isurus Gaming had the same strategy, rushing middle with nades of their own. This resulted in the unarmoured CTs almost instantly falling to the grenade damage. 

The Twitch chat immediately began to react with laughter. One viewer even called the swift defeat “embarassing.” 

After taking the round, 100 Thieves ended up taking the match 16-5. This was just another success for 100T’s new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. The Australian squad recently placed second at IEM Beijing. 100 Thieves was ranked sixth in the world by the time they faced Isurus, who are ranked 83rd, but it didn’t seem like 100 Thieves had any plans to go easy on the underdogs. 

What are the fastest rounds ever in pro CSGO?

While the 16-second round was definitely a moment to never forget, it’s actually not the shortest round in CSGO’s history. The shortest recorded professional round is currently just eight seconds. It was a round so short that the commentators were audibly uncomfortable with the situation. 

During an ESL Pro League match, FaZe Clan opted to go for a full eco in the 14th round against mousesports on Dust 2. It was a plan that didn’t pay off. When FaZe’s five members ran up mid and through the double doors they were met with a barrage of bullets. They had been completely ambushed by the CTs. 

They were sprayed down in mere seconds. 

According to theScore esport’s report on the incident, it seemed as though FaZe had ample amount of time to react to that first shot. Instead, they kept barging forward like lemmings, something that led to a lot of memes in 2017. 

FaZe are most definitely waiting for another team to beat mousesports’ record. But 100 Thieves’ 16-second round was not enough to erase their doomed round from the CSGO community’s minds. 


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