New Sejuani story hints at Udyr rework and new lore

Riot continues to double down on using their narrative divisions to preemptively build out the constantly-evolving...

By Nicholas James


Dec 6, 2021

The lore behind every Dota 2 arcana and persona

Arcanas and hero personas are the biggest lore development for almost every Dota 2 hero and they also...

Riot hints at new jungler with Malzahar lore update

Riot Games has updated Malzahar’s lore with a new story, and fans think the League of Legends...

By Nicholas James


Nov 26, 2021

Explore Vi’s backstory through the Council Archives

As Arcane’s third and final act approaches, fans are getting yet another chance to dip their...

By Nicholas James


Nov 15, 2021

Every Dota 2 game is canon in Dota 2’s lore, here’s how

Many Dota 2 mechanics seem entirely separated from the lore, but everything from cosmetics to respawns...

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 20, 2021


More agent 17 teases, big lore reveals coming with Fracture

The latest Valorant map, Fracture, has tons of easter eggs regarding game lore, but it might also...

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 4, 2021

Nemestice event may bring new Spectre arcana, Void Spirit lore

A big Dota 2 event is coming in the very near future, and a teaser image dropped some hints of what...

By Steven Rondina


Jun 22, 2021