New Duality teaser tells lore about Valorant agents in alternate universe

By Fariha Bhatti


May 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Players have seen various fan-made Valorant lore. Riot Games has finally dropped an official teaser with deeper insight into the lives of Valorant agents. 

During the Valorant Champions Tour Grand Finals between Fnatic and Sentinels, Riot Games dropped a clip that gave a peek inside the agents’ lives. The four-minute-long teaser set a base for Valorant lore that players have always been passionate to know more about. 

Unlike other first-person shooter games, Valorant features emotional and realistic characters. The voice lines show that these agents aren’t merely shooting devices but have profound stories that make them who they are.

Players have tried putting two and two together, but the fan-made lore couldn’t explain the troubled life of Valorant agents. It seems that the developer is finally gearing up to reveal more details about the agents and Valorant’s virtual universe. 

The short trailer starred Killjoy, Pheonix, Viper, Jett, Yoru, and Cypher on the backdrop of Bind. The scene featured a hasty Killjoy trying to defuse the Spike while Viper and Pheonix get attacked by enemy Pheonix. Viper and Killjoy manage to save the day with Pheonix’s help, but the trailer proved that some agents aren’t aware of every little detail, just like any other Valorant player. Pheonix was clueless why enemies similar to them want to steal their Radianite. The trailer ended on attacker side agents planning to ambush the defenders with a bigger army and better weapons. 

Dedicated Valorant fans already knew that agents aren’t aware of their copies pm the enemy team but the trailer further highlights that Pheonix was shocked looking at his imposter. Viper’s closing line further confirmed that there’s a lot of “filling in” required to explain the reason behind similar agents on both sides. Very few games explain why agents on both sides are identical. The duality trailer promises more episodes that will likely develop the story further. 

The trailer ended with the world splitting into two copies, so it’s evident that the lore will include a parallel universe theory. For now, there are tons of speculations regarding the story, so you may want to sit tight and wait. 

How to get the Valorant Duality card?

The Duality card features Yoru, Jett, Viper, Pheonix, and Cypher floating mid-air, most likely traveling to an alternate universe. The deep blue card can be redeemed within 48 hours by visiting the play Valorant website. 

  • Visit
  • Login into your Riot account.
  • Use code “YTILAUD” to redeem the Duality player card.