More agent 17 teases, big lore reveals coming with Fracture

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 4, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The latest Valorant map, Fracture, has tons of easter eggs regarding game lore, but it might also be hinting at agent 17’s forte. 

Fracture takes Valorant in a different direction and doubles down on Mirrorverse lore, highlighted recently by Riot Games in the Duality cinematic. Players have discovered new easter eggs in Fracture that may confirm Deadeye’s specialty. 

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Riot Games has hidden plenty of tactibears across Fracture, but devs may have included some critical hints about the next agent as well. An unreachable vantage point has mysterious equipment that doesn’t belong to any active agent in Valorant. Resting in shrubs is an empty Operator case along with a camera tripod and a cell phone. While it could be a random addition to map aesthetics, previous data suggest that the developer is dropping hints about agent 17. 

Deadeye was first spotted in Year1 Anthem with dapper attire, slick back hair, paired with a massive Operator hanging on his shoulder. His crystal eye suggested that he might be an intel-gatherer like Sova or Cypher. The equipment on the ground in Fracture aligns well with Deadeye’s character, who will likely be a Sentinel. The recent Fracture trailer also featured a French narrator, which suggests that yet another hero shooter is set to add a French sniper. 

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Fracture story elements to be updated on per patch basis

Fracture brings plenty of stuff for lore-lovers to sink their sink teeth into. Riot Games confirmed that Fissure is an H-shaped map is due to a disruption in mirror universes, and it seems that the chaos hasn’t yet been contained. Creative director David Nottingham has announced that the map will continue to build upon a mirrorverse narrative in each patch. 

This is huge for fans who had to wait for cinematics to catch up on the lore. With Fracture, players will be able to interact with Earth-1 and 2 through in-game elements, and it seems the devs have already dropped the first interaction. 

An image from the map shows two different labs in one facility dubbed Omega and Alpha. Both areas have computers where players can read the message from K-SEC Team and Oran McEneff, respectively. The note from the Omega Kingdom welcomes Oran to the Everett-Linde facility, informing him about his partner Ruben Pontes, whereas the Omega message isn’t as straightforward. 

The sender, Oran, is paranoid about the analysis of the Radian Collider. It’s unknown who these participants are, but Ruben may be the original name of the upcoming agent. It’s all theories at this point and nothing is set in stone, but the developer will likely build up the lore through these messages.