YourFellowArab kidnapped

YouTuber kidnapped in Haiti after ominous stream

By Olivia Richman


Mar 29, 2024

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A YouTuber has been kidnapped in Haiti, scaring the streaming community.

Streamer Addison “YourFellowArab” Maalouf was returning from Cape Haiti when he has been kidnapped by a gang known as the 400 Mazowzo. The gang is now demanding a $600,000 ransom or claim he won’t be released.

A local news site, Haiti24, first reported the concerning situation. According to the report, YourFellowArab and his driver were kidnapped by a member of the 400 Mazowo gang going by Lanmo 100 jou.

Will YourFellowArab be released?

As news spread that YourFellowArab was being held hostage by a gang in Haiti, the streaming community rallied together to find ways of bringing him home.

Twitch streamer Lalem tweeted that they had kept the situation private for two weeks but said that the news had gone viral. They confirmed that YourFellowArab was kidnapped but that “we’re working on getting him out.”

They added: “He’ll be out soon.”

So far, $40,000 has been paid to the gang.

In YourFellowArab’s last footage before the kidnapping, the streamer explained that he couldn’t currently leave his hotel for his six-hour road trip since they’d get to the destination when it was dark and gang members were running rampant.

“All it takes is one stupid gang member holding an AK-47 for something to go wrong,” he said in a now ominous video.

The plan at the time was to leave in the morning instead to avoid nightfall. Meanwhile, YourFellowArab was staying in a completely empty hotel, explaining that no tourists were allowed. While the view looked stunning, the gangs just outside of the hotel proved to be a big problem.

“How many times in your life are you the only person in an entire hotel because the country is shut down and nobody should be coming in and you’re just a r—ed YouTuber?” YourFellowArab said to his fans.

Right now, the streamer’s family is attempting to work with US authorities to get him released from the gang. It has now been 15 days.


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