YouTube Gaming shuts down Khanada’s stream after Twitch ban

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Streamers banned on Twitch often move to YouTube to continue their careers. But Fortnite competitive player Leon “Khanada” Khim’s switch to YouTube Gaming from Twitch has resulted in yet another ban. 

Built by Gamers’ Fortnite professional Khanada’s YouTube career is off to a poor start as the streamer was banned from YouTube streaming just 20 minutes into his first broadcast. His stream came to an abrupt end, leaving his fans confused. 

It turns out that Khanada was just as clueless. The Fortnite professional revealed his frustration with the bans for petty reasons in a series of tweets. 

His YouTube broadcast was his first live stream after the Twitch ban and his exit from TSM. The Fortnite player had planned to reveal his new organisation, Built by Gamers, on his YouTube channel. He had just started the broadcast when YouTube shut down the stream. 

The Fornite pro had been handed a ban from Twitch for making violent threats. The streamer claimed that he didn’t make a comment severe enough to earn him an indefinite ban. After several pleas, Twitch refused to ease his punishment, which led the streamer to YouTube Gaming. However, with his recent ban, it seems that Khanada is running out of options for streaming platforms. 

Why was Khanada banned from YouTube? 

The circumstances around Khanada’s bans are still somewhat unclear. According to the streamer, he has said nothing new that should have resulted in an additional ban. The streamer says the he’s just “unlucky,” but his YouTube video says it has been banned “for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

While the nature of violation is still unknown, some viewers have pointed to some potentially controversially statements that might be the reason for the ban. Luminosity’s Fortnite player Joji offered such a claim. 

When it comes to streaming games, Twitch and YouTube are the most prominent platforms, both in terms of popularity and potential financial gain. Khanada is now blacklisted on both the sites. The Fortnite professional has already attempted to contact YouTube Gaming, but hasn’t received a response so far. 


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