You might already have these three expensive CSGO skins

By Nick Johnson


Aug 11, 2020

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Flashy patterns in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins are nothing new, but some common skins can be worth much more if players are lucky enough to find one with the right pattern.

Most CSGO players know about the different patterns on the Slaughter knives or what it means to have a full fade bayonet, but there are a few rare patterns on common weapon skins to turn a skin normally worth less than a dollar into one worth many times that amount. These patterns can be found on everyday skins, but it’s their paint seed makes them special. Each and every CSGO skin has a paint seed, a random number that ranges from one to 1,000. This random number dictates how the skin is “wrapped” around the weapon. Certain seeds place the best parts of a skin on a weapon’s prime positions, making them worth much more than their regular counterparts.

Below are three patterns for common skins that players might not even realize they have, and these types could potentially triple or quadruple how much the weapon is worth. So check those inventories!

Glock | Moonrise Hidden Star

This pattern isn’t exactly hidden, but it’s definitely one that is rare enough to catapult the normally cheap Glock | Moonrise to a skin that collectors are always willing to pay a pretty penny for. The Moonrise is a nice skin on its own, but when the stars align and a player unboxes one with a star on the weapon’s safety, it can be worth a lot more.

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This star’s positios is sought after by collectors, turning the 50 cent skin into one worth $30 or even $50 depending on the wear.

Paint Seed:

  • 31
  • 59
  • 90
  • 95
  • 102
  • 121
  • 165
  • 194
  • 237
  • 281
  • 355
  • 448
  • 484
  • 487
  • 617
  • 630
  • 667
  • 796
  • 769
  • 83
  • 913
  • 958
  • 968
  • 986

CSGO’s XM1014 and its blue leaf seed is a rare find

Next up on the list is one that might surprise many CSGO players out there. Unlike the Glock, the XM107 isn’t a weapon that players see all too often, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a demand for the shotgun’s rare, blue leaf pattern. Distinguished by the titular blue leaf located directly in front of the shotgun’s handguard, this rare pattern can run anywhere from $40 to $50 in Factory New condition, and go for even more if players want a StatTrack version in their inventories.

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Given that the shotgun doesn’t see much play in competitive matches, it’s much less rare than the Glock | Moonrise, but there are always hut players on Nuke on the lookout for a fancy shotgun to stop the vent dive.

Paint Seeds:

  • 26
  • 78
  • 115
  • 130
  • 182
  • 234
  • 286
  • 334
  • 338
  • 390
  • 442
  • 494
  • 546
  • 598
  • 605
  • 650
  • 659
  • 698
  • 955

Interestingly, the XM1014 | Seasons also has another pattern that collectors keep an eye out for. This one is the exact opposite of the blue leaf, as instead of displaying what some call a “full fade,” the Autumn version of the Seasons is fully orange. This seed is actually rarer than the blue leaf, giving players an even more distinguishing skin for their shotgun shenanigans.

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Paint Seed: 80

P2000 | Acid Etched’s hidden shamrock

We’ve covered this one before, but the weapon is still fairly cheap and could become a collector’s item in the future, so it might be worth investing in for players who have a few dollars in their Steam wallet. The Acid Etched is a cool looking skin on its own, but there’s a secret hiding in some of its seeds that could interest players who want something different from the tried-and-true USP | Neo Noirs that are floating around.

Certain seeds on the Acid Etched have a fairly prominent four-leaf clover visible during simply wielding the weapon and during its inspect animation. The best position for the clover may be right on the back of the slide, always there to taunt players who manage to miss their shots during the CT pistol round despite the good omen. A shamrock doesn’t always equal luck!

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Paint Seed:

  • 326

There are other seeds for the Acid Etched the will move the shamrock around the weapon, but Seed 326 is the one that places the clover right on the back of the CT pistol for the player to see.

Curious about the rest of the Acid Etched shamrock patters? Check out’s full coverage of all of the clover’s placements right here.

CSGO is full of patterns and seeds that can create cool and interesting designs on the Five-Seven | Kami, but we’ll let players discover those on their own. Until then, players might want to take a quick glance at that Glock | Moonrise sitting in their inventories. It may be worth much more than the going market rate.


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