Yoru players can break into defenders’ spawn with this lineup

Fariha Bhatti • January 15, 16:05

With the launch of Valorant Episode 2 comes a brand new duelist in the form of Yoru, who can sneakily teleport inside Ascent Defender’s spawn from far away. 

Valorant’s shadow agent Omen has totally been upstaged by Yoru’s much similar (but better) toolkit. Earlier, Omen alone carried the power to slither around the map, making incredible plays. Yoru enters with the Gatecrash ability that is much deadlier. 

How to use Yoru’s Gatecrash ability on Ascent

Using his Gatecrash ability, the Japenese agent can execute flanks, hard-pushes, make risky plays, and still remain alive. His signature ability creates a rift tether that travels in a straight line for around 17 seconds and teleports Yoru to its location when activated. Great for dodging enemies, Gatecrash warrants Yoru’s long life. 

While many think that solid objects reduce Gatecrash’s range, a smart lineup can squeeze full juice out of the tether. Using this new teleport lineup, players can break into the enemy base in Ascent. 

Start by standing on the corner of Midlink, and stick close to the wall. Players need to use the UI to make sure the ability lines up correctly, as shown in the image. 

Deploy the glowing ball and follow the radar mark to use it as it reaches the desired spot in the Defender’s base. The tether will take 12 seconds to hit the spawn corner, so you can also keep a time-check. The harness will come to a halt as it hits the corner of Ascent Defender’s spawn. Press the ability key to teleport to the enemy’s base.

The rift tether generally stops moving when hit against a solid object. However, this tactical setup carries the ball all the way inside the base, dodging the hindrances in its way to the base. 

Yoru can create incredible plays for his teams by using this lineup. Flanking on enemies defending A site or B site, Yoru players with crisp aim may even bag around on their own. Middle control is incredibly crucial in Ascent. As attackers, if you have mid control, rest of the round becomes a cakewalk. This Gatecrash lineup takes Yoru across the mid unscathed, allowing him to open a way for his teammates. 

However, there’s always a chance of enemies destroying Yoru’s tether if they’re skulking on mid. Successful execution of this setup is possible with a Controller’s aid who may provide a cover for Yoru’s tether by launching smokes. 

The Japenese agent has just entered Valorant and has already proven to be a jack of all trades. His extensive toolkit may lack offensive weaponry other duelists own, but it carries all the elements apt to play with enemies’ minds. It’s too early to guarantee Yoru’s popularity among players. He could become a highly picked agent if these strategic lineup spots become common. 


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