Valorant pro subroza shows how best to use Yoru’s flash

Fariha Bhatti • January 15, 11:36

Valorant Episode 2 adds Yoru as the 14th agent on the decorated duelist roster. Riot’s shooter now has plenty of flashers, but Yoru’s Blindside can be especially tricky to combat for his enemies when it’s used correctly. 

While the game was not necessarily in need of another flasher, Yoru’s pop flash may have an edge to it. Winning a duel against Yoru can be tough when he can vanish out of the enemy’s sight in a beat. Blindside, when employed with his other abilities, can make him a peril for opponents. 

The Japanese stealth hero carries a flash that bursts on contact with a solid object. Unlike other flashers, Yoru’s Blindside ability is quick and effective, which denies the enemies even a moment to fathom what hit them. 

Valorant professional Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik has provided Valorant fans with an excellent example of how his flash is meant to be used. 


His crisp aim, combined with Yoru’s toolkit, allowed Subroza to bag five kills in a matter of seconds. Using Yoru’s Gatecrash ability, Subroza had already planned out his next move if his hard push didn’t pan out well. Sensing enemies pushing from A main, he launches a flash in the air, blinding four enemies in the process. The tether he sent prior to pushing saved him from Reyna, who was all set to gun him down. Using a second flash, Subroza completing his adding five kills to his score in this sequence. 

What’s different about Yoru’s flash? 

Like Phoenix’s Curveball, Yoru’s Blindside pops instantly. But while other flashes in Valorant lack tactical depth, players can create hundreds of plays using Blindside. The flash’s ability to bounce will enable Yoru to open sites on his own, as his Blindside doesn’t require him to turn away from the flash if it’s lined up correctly. Using this advantage, Yoru players may edge past other duelists as entry fraggers. 

Valorant makes up for the lack of range in its flashes with Yoru’s kit. The Japanese agent’s Blindside stands out for the vast potential range it offers, making him a powerful duelist. Using tricky lineups, the agent can launch his flash into bombsites, blinding every agent defending the area. A simple flash can facilitate his teammates’ hard push, earning them an easy round win. 

While Blindside can make any team with Yoru on it a menace, he can ride solo as well, as was proved by Subroza. The Valorant pro made Yoru’s kit look like a cakewalk, but it’s highly tactical. Subroza’s combination of different abilities in Yoru’s kit shows that his kit requires a lot of practice. 


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