Yone has a crazy anime-style Pentakill animation on PBE

By Nicholas James


Dec 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Yone and Yasuo are two of League’s more unapologetically anime-inspired characters, warrior brothers with magical abilities and dark pasts. Riot Games appears to be doubling down on this with a one-of-a-kind animation for Yone upon securing a Pentakill.

The animation was spotted on PBE yesterday with many fans initially believing the clips to be edited. It’s not just cosmetic either, Yone’s edgy new moment in the spotlight appears to have in-game benefits for any Azakana-fused samurai lucky enough to clean up every kill.

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Why does Yone have a Pentakill animation?

PBE aficionado and community king of bugs, Vandiril, was the first League of Legends personality to notice the wild new addition.

On PBE right now, if Yone gets a Pentakill, he stands still and goes invulnerable as black bars slide onto the top and bottom of the screen, obscuring parts and imitating a widescreen cinema look. As this happens, Yone stands in place and flourishes his sword once before sheathing it as the wind dramatically whips about him. During this animation, Yone is completely invulnerable but is still able to be targeted by minions, monsters, and towers.

It’s not just a cool moment for the semi-undead Ionian warrior. The animation fully resets the cooldown of Yone’s ultimate, no matter how much was remaining.

More additions like this Yone Pentakill animation could add character and flair to players’ biggest pop-off moments. Though Yone can’t take damage during the animation, it’s also impossible to move or cast abilities for the player controlling him.

This means that if Yone gets a Pentakill at low health while somewhere dangerous like beneath turrets or in front of Baron Nashor, he could very well die after the animation concludes.

It’s unclear what purpose the animation serves, why it’s being added, or if this is going to become the standard for all League of Legends characters.


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