Yabbe is the latest to call out Adorable Kittens for abuse

By Olivia Richman


May 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The streaming community has called for Adorable_Kittens to be banned from Twitch after an animal cruelty lawsuit against the cattery came to light. 

Adorable Kittens is a cat breeder located in Florida that sells Scottish Folds and British Shorthairs. On Twitch, the breeder will show off the cute kittens by broadcasting their feeding sessions, live streaming them playing together, and even showing the kittens cuddling and sleeping. Even though it seems like some of the most wholesome content on Twitch, streamer Yabbe recently demanded that Twitch look into a lawsuit that was filed against Adorable Kittens. 

On May 3, Yabbe shared a copy of the lawsuit on Twitter. She also shared a clip from the live stream in which one of the kittens vomited multiple times. In the lawsuit, multiple families who purchased a kitten from the breeder reported that the kittens they received were neglected by Adorable Kittens.

While Adorable Kittens’ website claims they provide “health certificates” for each kitten, it was reported that many kittens sold by the breeder were “covered in ringworm, fleas, and parasites.” They also had “upper respiratory infections and feline panleukopenia, among other ailments.” One customer claimed to have bought a kitten from the breeder that died soon after. So they found an arrest record for Adorable Kittens from 2018, showing charges for forging a veterinary certificate. 

“Did you ever look into this properly?” Yabbe tweeted, tagging Twitch. “They are still live on your site despite numerous animal abuse allegations and a large amount of evidence against them.” 

Streamers support Yabbe in taking on Adorable Kittens

Other streamers came forward to support Yabbe’s thread, including streamer Alisha who has spoken out against Adorable Kittens in the past on her streams.

The streamer was banned in the fall of 2020 after Adorable Kittens sent a letter from a lawyer to Twitch. Alisha noted that Twitch never gave a specific reason for the ban, but she did receive an email from a “specific business” after the ban that essentially boasted about getting her banned through the use of an attorney. 

People within the streaming community were horrified at Adorable Kittens’ ongoing presence on Twitch, which was seen as essentially “free advertising” for the kitten mill.

Kitten mills are breeders that usually aren’t registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association or any other breed organization. They quickly produce cats that resemble purebred kittens for profit. While most cat breeders stick to certain guidelines, kitten mills aren’t as picky about the genetic issues their breeding cats have, and the conditions provided to the kittens are sometimes unsafe and unhealthy.

It initially seemed that Adorable Kittens’ Twitch channel had been taken down in response to this latest furor. But Twitch has yet to do anything in response to the ongoing allegations and demands from the community. Adorable Kittens simply changed its Twitch channel’s name and remains a partnered account on Twitch. The channel currently has over 116,000 followers. 


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