xQc stands up for Twitch gambling streams after H3H3 podcast

By Olivia Richman


Jul 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

As gambling has continued to take over on Twitch, many prominent voices in the community have speculated that gambling streamers are scamming viewers. Two of thoise most prominent voices are now colliding.

Popular YouTuber Ethan “H3H3” Klein rejoined Twitch on July 20 and immediately made an impact when he accused popular streamers of faking many of their big gambling wins. Included in his accusations was popular streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel. H3H3 actually called many of these wins “impossible,” saying that streamers were “rigging” the odds to get young viewers to also use gambling websites. 

But xQc has responded to H3H3’s accusations, calling the drama YouTuber “shameless.” 

In a recent stream, xQc explained that nobody should argue against something if they are just going to “spread misinformation.” While xQc agreed that Gamba is “dog shit,” and noted that he is “more against gambling than most people against gambling,” xQc felt that H3H3 was trying to make a point about gambling streams on Twitch without knowing much about the subject. 

“I get that it doesn’t always look legitimate,” xQc told his followers. “But if you don’t understand, in some of these games you can buy the bonus win that amount. Is it really that unreasonable that you’d get ten times win on a 50K bonus? No, it’s not. It’s extremely common. Gamba is trash but people didn’t conduct voluntary scamming.”

xQc added that saying that kind of thing on a podcast “makes everyone look terrible.” 

In response to xQc’s rant, H3H3 reached out to xQc to chat about the controversy. 

xQc has yet to accept H3H3’s invitation. Fans are awaiting what will happen next as the gambling drama continues. 

xQc quit gambling streams a while ago and has made it clear he’s not a big fan of the category on Twitch. But he still doesn’t believe that most popular streamers are cheating or lying to viewers through their gambling streams. 


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