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xQc left confused by Bella Poarch’s popularity on TikTok

By Olivia Richman


Dec 19, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel doesn’t really get TikTok, or at least he doesn’t get why Bella Poarch is so popular.

TikTok has become one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet, with many TikTok stars blowing up in 2020 for their POVs, lip-synching, and participating in TikTok “challenges.” Often aimed at Gen Z individuals, it’s often said that older people just won’t understand the appeal.

Ever-popular Twitch streamer xQc was born in 1995, putting him at the tail end of the Millennial generation. Gen Z is 1997 to 2012, making xQc close in age but not officially a “Zoomer.” That could be why xQc was quick to judge TikTok star Bella Poarch in a recent Twitch stream.

Bella Poarch was one of the TikTok influencers who exploded in 2020. She currently has over 86.3 million followers. Bella Poarch originally blew up from making cutesy faces and bobbing her head to music but has since branched out to other popular TikTok trends and even has successful music and fashion careers.

But xQc, who isn’t afraid to call out other content creators, feels that Bella Poarch’s TikTok content, which is what gained her most of her original following, is still lacking.

xQc questions why Bella Poarch blew up on TikTok

On December 17, xQc decided to react to some of Bella Poarch’s TikToks. Throughout this portion of his stream, xQc looked genuinely baffled.

After watching a clip of Bella Poarch appearing to just stand with a cropped t-shirt on, moving the camera to different angles, xQc stared at his viewers in disbelief.

“This is it?” he exclaimed.

In response, viewers joked that Bella Poarch got 60 million views on that video from her nipples being partially visible through the t-shirt, stating that “booba” get a lot of views.

But xQc then switched to a video where Bella Poarch was wearing a chunky fall jacket. In the TikTok, Bella Poarch runs across the crosswalk while the popular Squid Games music plays. Then she freezes. Then, she starts dancing to a popular rap song for a few seconds.

“Guys, what the f–k? I don’t understand! That’s insane! Where’s the content, bruh? What the f— am I looking at? I thought she made more content, I’m telling you. Dude, I’m not laughing,” xQc ranted.

A fan decided to show xQc what video originally made Bella Poarch so popular. The video is Bella Porch nodding her head to “M to the B” while exaggeratingly lip-synching the minimal lyrics and keeping her eyes hooded and expressionless. It now has over 650 million views.

xQc was blown away by the numbers. While his audience seemed equally entertained by the minimal content getting so many viewers, Bella Poarch has made a name for herself due to her unique looks, fashionable outfits, and likable personality. She has also recently branched out into music, modeling, and other avenues.

Of course, the original video is still quite shocking. While many of her fans call the video “addicting” and “satisfying” to watch, the content is definitely minimal.

xQc noted that he was not trying to insult Bella Poarch herself. He was actually impressed with what she was able to accomplish while doing so little. xQc seemed more confused why these kinds of videos were getting so many views on TikTok.

Does xQc have a TikTok?

xQc does not currently have an official TikTok account.

Many fans have created TikTok accounts dedicated to clips of xQc’s streams and gameplay. You can find an abundance of TikToks featuring xQc but none were uploaded to TikTok by xQc himself.


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