xQc is repulsed by the new fan-created YouTube Rewind for 2020

Olivia Richman • December 16, 2020 1:32 am

Streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel is never afraid to hold back his opinion, even when it might hurt other peoples’ feelings. By now, content creators should be afraid when their videos end up on xQc’s live stream. 

Recently, xQc decided to take aim at a fan-made YouTube Rewind video that took a musical theater approach to the annual cringe of Rewind after YouTube itself decided to skip the Rewind video this year. In every other recent year, YouTube has created a compilation video of all the top trends and content creators on the platform, often resulting in a record-breaking number of negative reactions. 

The fan-made YouTube Rewind video caught xQc’s attention because of the negative attention it had already received, resulting in it being removed by its creator. The YouTube community had openly attacked the video for seemingly mocking Jenna Marbles’ apology video, which many deemed insensitive and disrespectful. 

But that wasn’t the video’s biggest problems, according to xQc. 

The controversial streamer visibly cringed throughout the musical number. He tried to compliment the video’s effort and choreography, but clearly wasn’t enjoying the content itself. 

“What?” xQc exclaimed. “This appeals to nobody.” 

The video continued to get worse for the streamer. xQc seemed to reach his breaking point during a scene featuring top creators playing Among Us. Actors portrayed Pokimane, DisguisedToast, Corpse Husband, and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. xQc looked pained, almost physically ill, when the musical used words like “sus.” 

“I wanted to watch the whole thing because it’s culture. I like seeing people’s take on the culture. But that was pretty out of touch,” xQc told his followers. 

xQc then called the 14-minute viewing experience “painful.” 

The video’s creator, Michelle Khare, has issued an apology over the YouTube Rewind video since it was deleted. The section about Jenna Marbles has been deleted. While appreciated by Jenna Marbles fans, the video may still be a bit too much for others to watch. Or maybe xQc is a just being a particularly harsh musical theater critic. 


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