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xQc has frustrating stream after moving to Los Angeles

By Olivia Richman


Oct 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s living situation has continued to wreak havoc on his streaming career.

xQc’s first Los Angeles-based stream created a lot of issues for the popular personality, causing xQc to end his broadcast early. In the middle of his reaction stream, xQc’s broadcast suddenly cut out, leaving viewers staring at a blank screen.

This was just two hours after his stream started. xQc usually streams for around eight hours each time he goes live.

xQc added that he would be back the next morning, clearly not letting the ongoing issues get him down. He thanked his viewers for tuning in, despite the issues.

Why is xQc living in Los Angeles?

In June 2021, xQc moved out of his house after dealing with a concerning stalking situation that included armed invaders. His then live-in girlfriend, Adept, talked about the situation on her own stream earlier in the month.

“I’m so stressed out. I’m so unhappy. I’m scared every day about what’s going to go wrong, every day. It felt like something was going wrong every day,” Adept told her followers.

xQc and Adept moved in with other streamers after, but xQc admitted to having lingering frustrations with the situation at the time. The messy move had xQc feeling stressed and disorganized.

After moving around a few times, xQc finally decided to move to Los Angeles. This would give him better access to studios, something xQc had brought up before as a point of interest. Many streamers live in Los Angeles, making it a great place for networking and creating content together, and it’s also home to the Overwatch development team, a game which xQc still has close ties to.

Unfortunately, xQc’s first stream in LA didn’t work out as planned. It’s unclear exactly what happened but it seems to be related to xQc’s internet connection. xQc could be dealing with an internet service provider, many of which have outages in Los Angeles and other areas with a large population.

Whatever the reason, xQc didn’t want to deal with it. Instead, he will be coming back right away, hopefully with better luck.