xQc gets banned from Twitch, again, for showing animal sex

Olivia Richman • June 13, 03:37

You read that correctly. Former Overwatch League pro turned Valorant and chess streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel received a 24-hour ban from Twitch for accidentally showing two gorrillas having sex during a live stream. 

xQc had opened a video sent in by a viewer that showed the Nintendo GameCube loading animation. Before xQc knew what hit him, the video quickly flashed to a clip of two gorillas going at it. He immediately exited the video, but the damage had already been done. xQc seemed to know it, too, looking quite aggravated at the turn of events. 

“I’m a little confused,” xQc said in a follow-up tweet, “considering the nature of the video, the length, and if it’s an actual concern or if there’s actually any damage done. No one thought anything of it. It was even in a meme format. I won’t fit it.” 

This is xQc’s third suspension from Twitch. In February, xQc was banned for accidentally showing nudity. He was also banned for accidental nudity in 2019. Hopefully he will learn to check out videos and websites beforehand from now on since this seems to be a trend in his meme review format. 

xQc ban brings up Twitch’s inconsistent suspensions

To the surprise of nobody, xQc’s 24-hour suspension was met with outcry over Twitch’s seemingly inconsistent punishments from one creator to the next. Imane “Pokimane” Anys, a very popular female streamer, was recently given only a warning email for accidentally showing pornography. 

Pokimane called the warning “deserved.” In the live stream where the incident occured, a random PornHub ad appeared on her browser. She screamed and exited out of it quickly, making it into a meme shared within her fanbase. 

While funny, many also felt that this was hypocritical of Twitch, who very briefly banned Twitch parnter Saqib “LIRIK” Zahid for accidentally showing footage of a blurred dildo during a live stream. Now with xQc also getting a short ban for accidental nudity, the streaming community is again questioning why Pokimane only received a warning. 

xQc Pokimane Twitch nudity ban

Twitch has not spoken out publicly about any of these incidents, but the majority of the platform’s community seems to think that there may be some favoritism going on behind the scenes. Given the disparity in the punishments being meted out, there’s certainly reason for questioning.


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