xQc banned from Twitch after Fall Guys cheating drama

Olivia Richman • November 18, 18:31

Félix “xQc” Lengyel might be facing consequences for trolling in a Fall Guys tournament. 

During a Twitch-run Fall Guys tournament with a prize pool on the line, the Canadian variety streamer decided to stream snipe his competition. While fans accepted xQc’s apology, former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Michael “shroud” Grzesiek expressed his disbelief at xQc’s cheating.

“You’re not allowed to do that at all. We’re witnessing Twitch history right now. What the fuck just happened?” shroud exclaimed after xQc’s team eliminated shroud’s trio with illegal stream sniping insight. 

Despite the eliminated team’s frustration, it seemed like xQc might be in the clear. In fact, xQc even became the top-viewed Twitch streamer after the drama. But earlier this morning, Twitch banned xQc’s account. 

xQc banned by Twitch for a fourth time

This is the Twitch partner’s fourth ban. His previous bans were for showing pornographic images, anime nudity, and a video that showed animals having sex. 

In the past Twitch had a three-strike policy, meaning streamers can be permanently banned after their third offense, but xQc has remained active despite having three strikes on his account. The stream sniping was his fourth action violating Twitch’s rules. Some fans, however, are thinking xQc’s fourth strike was not the stream sniping and was related to Twitch’s DMCA crackdown instead. 

Twitch has been mass-banning streamers due to copyright infringement claims from large record labels. The streaming company has been using a shoot first, ask questions later policy that has seen a number of streamers banned illegitimately. As per usual, Twitch has not actually given a definitive reason for xQc’s ban, leaving fans and probably xQc himself to wonder what happened.

Either way, fans are positive that xQc will be back on Twitch in short order. They called him a “cash cow” for the streaming platform, confidently expressing that Twitch wouldn’t lose such a big name. While it’s true that Twitch has given streamers special treatment in the past, the platform also shocked the streaming community when it permanently banned Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm. 

xQc has yet to make a statement about his Twitch ban. 


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