xQc apologizes to fans after Twitch upholds ban for nudity

By Olivia Richman


Mar 2, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch partner Felix “xQc” Lengye is known for being a troll. In fact, he was removed from the Overwatch League for repetitive toxic behavior. But after being banned from Twitch, xQc decided to take a moment to be genuine with his fans. 

xQc received a three-day ban for anime nudity after he purposely uncensored an image of a cartoon woman wearing no bra. While some in the streaming community felt he deserved the punishment for purposely breaking guidelines, xQc still appealed to Twitch. The February 29 appeal was unsuccessful. 

The former Overwatch pro turned to Twitter to apologize to his fans for his actions over the weekend. 

“I wanted to update everyone yesterday but it was unclear and I wanted to appeal and have a chance to explain myself,” xQc said. “I did but it didn’t matter, we’re tanking the whole thing. Things are a little different than I expected but ultimately it was my fault. We’ll roll when we’re back.” 

The tweet also included Twitch’s email regarding his most recent ban. 

“Your account was suspended for broadcasting content that focuses on nudity and/or sexually explicit content in Strip 4: Classmate Study,” said Twitch in an email. “This is not permitted on our services per our Community Guidelines.”

Twitch went on to explain that xQc and other streamers should avoid broadcasting games that “focus on nudity or sex” or include mods that add nudity. Streamers were also warned not to focus overly much on optional sections of games that include nudity. 

xQc had done just that on his weekend stream. While playing Connect Four on the adult-themed game, xQc decided to enter a cheat code that uncensors a woman who tells players she will “take her bra off” if they press “okay,” which xQc did. 

While his fans joked that the anime nudity was “worth it,” xQc seems remoreseful of his actions. He even said it was his own fault, something his fans wouldn’t normally expect to see the Canadian Overwatch player to admit.