XDefiant patch notes

XDefiant patch notes for Y1S0.2

By Olivia Richman


Jun 4, 2024

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XDefiant is Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter that brings the publisher’s large collection of IPs into one world filled with straightforward gunplay. The game has continued to remain popular with fans of the genre but there are always things to fix to keep the game running smoothly.

XDefiant recently shared patch notes for Y1S0.2. This simple update came out earlier today in an attempt to keep the game’s multiplayer gameplay running smoothly and satisfying players.

XDefiant patch notes: Y1S0.2

Here are the full patch notes for Y1S0.2.


  • While in a party, we now display the most restrictive Crossplay setting among the party members, as it applies to the whole party. Also fixed an issue where party members with differing Crossplay settings couldn’t matchmake
  • Fixed an issue with displaying incorrect player names on some Social screens
  • Fixed a crash caused by spamming open/close View Party Invites, but who would even do that, calm down
  • On consoles, Ubisoft Connect party invites could display as if they were coming from Xbox or PlayStation Network friends. Fixed that, along with some other weird invite-related things
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  • Fixed some missing terrain textures when players joined matches in progress on some maps
  • Input-Based Matchmaking setting status now updates correctly after changing it on Xbox
  • Fixed a thing on PS5 where people could sneak into places they shouldn’t via PS5 Activities
  • Security improvements, various

What is coming in the next XDefiant update?

As gamers continue to play XDefiant and provide feedback, developers have gathered some important things that need changes in the game. Here are some updates coming in the near future.

  • Netcode: Hit detection and netcode improvements have been confirmed but they’ll come gradually
  • Bunny hopping: Jump shotting was common in sweaty XDefiant matches but was not working as intended in the beta so it didn’t make it into the game’s launch
  • Snipers: Sniper flinch is not working as intended and will be updated, confirmed. Check out more about this bug here
  • Footstep audio: Devs want to make it easier to differentiate between enemy and ally footsteps


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