woxic out for CS Summit, NaToSaphiX to stand in for mousesports

Nick Johnson • December 10, 19:15

Mousesports revealed this morning that their star AWPer, Özgür “woxic” Eker, will not attend the upcoming CS Summit 5 tournament in Los Angeles, California due to visa issues in an official tweet.

Woxic to miss CS Summit

The team also revealed that Niels Christian “NaToSaphiX” Sillassen will stand in for woxic this weekend during CS Summit 5. This is an unlucky turn of events for mousesports, especially after woxic’s stellar performance during the December 8 grand final of ESL Pro League Season 10 against Fnatic. Woxic ended mouz’ 3-0 grand final win against Fnatic with a strong 1.12 total rating.

woxic was a large part of why mouz was able to take the win only three maps into a best-of-five series. His explosive play was on show across the three maps, but especially on Train given its suitability for AWP play.

Luckily for mousesports, the team isn’t up against the stiffest of competition at this year’s CS Summit. While both MIBR and G2 Esports have the potential to give mouz trouble, it would be surprising to see FURIA or Virtus.Pro pose a challenge to the team.

Unless VP somehow signs the AVANGAR roster before CS Summit starts.

OG could upset Mouz at CS Summit given stand-in

One unknown is OG’s new CSGO squad led by Nathan “NBK” Schmidt. It’s possible that the team comes into Los Angeles hot. With no idea of the Counter-Strike they play and no video on the team available for review, mouz and the rest of the CS Summit teams could struggle with the mysterious new roster.

Luckily, NaToSaphiX is no slouch either. After spending time with Sprout and Team Heroic, NaToSaphiX comes to mouz’ rescue as a free agent looking to show off for a new team. For NaToSaphiX, CS Summit 5 is an opportunity for the player to showcase his talents and catch the eye of teams in need of an upgrade.

In an interesting note, ex-mousesports rifler Martin “STYKO” Styk pointed out that the last time mousesports had an AWPer as a stand-in, they did pretty well. Styko reminded everyone about mousesport’s hectic finals run at ESL One Belo Horizonte. The team finished in second place there.

CS Summit 5 starts on December 12 and runs through December 15. The tournament is a more relaxed affair than most CSGO events, and viewers can find out all about the tournament and the teams attending the tournament inside WIN.gg’s complete preview of CS Summit 5.


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