Worlds broadcast team revealed, no English LPL casters included

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 15, 2020

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After the conclusion of the 2020 World Championship group draw, Riot Games announced its broadcasting approach for the upcoming event, and it seems to be without any of the English LPL broadcasters. 

The Worlds games will take place in Shanghai, but the broadcast itself will be produced from different parts of the world. Right after the group drawing, it was announced that this year’s Worlds will be a multi-city production from Berlin, Los Angeles, Seoul, and of course, Shanghai. 

The casting will be done by the LCS, LEC, and LCK casters combined, but it doesn’t look like any of the regions will overlap in casting. This leaves fans disappointed that they won’t be able to see their favorite cross-continent casting duos.

The Worlds Countdown, pre-shows, and between-game segments will be produced from the LEC studio. All interviews will be done remotely from Shanghai, while the Worlds Cooldown show will be produced in Los Angeles. The distribution between the regions will accommodate the different time zones in the best ways possible. 

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English LPL casters not invited for 2020 World Championship

The biggest disappointment from this year’s broadcast approach is the fact that no English LPL broadcasters seem to have been invited to participate. Fans were frustrated by the decision since the LPL teams are considered some of the biggest favorites to win the tournament. 

Top Esports and JD Gaming especially have proven themselves strong domestically and are looking to be the third consecutive LPL team to lift the Summoner’s Cup. 

This leaves the best English speaking LPL experts on the sideline, while each of the three other major regions will be represented in the broadcast.

It has not been disclosed why the LPL casters won’t be a part of the broadcast, but it will certainly be a hit to the whole tournament after seeing the LPL increase in popularity in the west during 2020. 

Worlds will begin on September 25 with the play-in stage. 


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