Top 8 teams for Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Pick’ems

By Melany Moncada


Oct 15, 2023

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Worlds 2023 is underway and after the format changes, the Pick’em system is also subject to changes.

In previous years, Worlds was divided into a group stage and a knockout stage. In 2023, the tournament opted for a Swiss format, changing everything about the tournament. The matches will vary from day to day depending on the results.

 In the end, only eight teams will advance to the knockout stage. It is early in the tournament, but it is possible to pick the top eight.

The rest of Worlds 2023 will be played in patch 13.19. So far in Play-Ins, we have seen fast-paced gameplay that benefits the teams that can adapt quickly to the state of the game.

Best teams for Worlds 2023 Pick’em

Based on the current state of the meta, these are the teams that are most likely to benefit from it.

JD Gaming

JDG is the favorite to win it all and with good reason. JDG dictates the tempo of the match, regardless of the opponent. In a hyper-aggressive meta that benefits mechanically talented players, JDG has every opportunity to thrive.


The LCK champion is not a team known for the flashy plays. Gen.G plays a controlled style, slow and steady. Don’t let this apparent passiveness fool you, Gen.G is one of the best team-fighting squads in the LCK.


T1 has something to prove at Worlds 2023. Once the number-one team in the world, now it’s better known as the perpetual runner-up. Many believe this is the last chance for this squad to get a title before the organization is forced to make some changes. T1 has the talent and the macro play down, the team just needs a little bit of luck.

G2 Esports

After a remarkable year domestically, G2 is looking like a strong contender at Worlds 2023. The current meta suits G2’s style. If there was a time for odd picks and going all in, this is it. If G2 plays its game, the rest of the teams in the tournament will have a hard time taking them down.

KT Rolster

KT Rolster is the wildcard from the LCK. An unpredictable roster of talented players that are having a moment. In DRX’s absence, KT Rolster is taking the role of the LCK underdog who could make it far. During the regular season, KT Rolster proved what they could do. At Worlds 2023, it is a question of whether they can perform under pressure or not.

LNG Esports

In the LPL Summer playoffs, LNG Esports was the only team capable of taking JDG to game five. Not a small feat for a team that before 2023 didn’t have any significant results. LNG is a scrappy team that can go head-to-head with the best.

Bilibili Gaming

Bilibili Gaming is almost there. Almost in the LPL finals, almost the MSI champion, and always in the conversation. In a highly competitive region like the LPL, BLG has managed to stay at the top despite not having the best summer season. At Worlds 2023, BLG will look to change the narrative and get the title they deserve.

Dplus KIA

Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, the protagonist of the GODS music video is back at Worlds with a new squad by his side. This team is the silent killer of the LCK. In the LCK Region Finals, Dplus KIA defeated DRX denying the current Worlds Champion its chance to defend the title. Fear not, Deft is back at the event, looking to become the first player to win two consecutive titles with two different teams.

3-0 Team at Swiss Stage Pick’em Worlds 2023

JDG is the favorite to go 3-0 in the Swiss Stage at Worlds 2023.

JDG is a challenging opponent in every possible way. Having a best-of-one series makes things particularly difficult for the teams facing the LPL champion. This team strikes fast and effectively, so a single match gives no room for adaptation.


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