Worlds 2023 Knockout Pick’em predictions

By Melany Moncada


Oct 29, 2023

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Eight teams secured their spots in the Knockout Stage at Worlds 2023, which means it is time for Pick’em.

After five rounds of intense competition, the top eight at Worlds 2023 have been decided. Some teams secured their slots early, like JD Gaming and Gen.G, while others fought until the end, like KT Rolster and Weibo Gaming.

The next stage of the tournament will follow the classic single-elimination format. Teams are drawn into matches at random and will play until one World Champion is crowned. Every match in this stage is to the best of five.

Worlds 2023 Knockout Stage Schedule

The Knockout Stage starts with the quarter-finals. There will be one series per day starting on November 2 through November 5.

Four teams advance to the semi-finals played on November 11 and 12. The finals are taking place on November 19.

Quarterfinals Pick’em predictions


When it comes to the matchup between Gen.G and BilliBilli Gaming, it might be a matter of consistency. GEN has reached the quarter-finals in a more dominant fashion than BLG, so it’s more likely to take the best-of-five series.


NRG got the best possible draw it could in Weibo Gaming. Neither of the two teams looks like a competitor for a trophy, which might give NRG the opportunity to surprise fans once again and take NA to the semi-finals.


JD Gaming shouldn’t have a hard time taking the series away from KT Rolster. While KT often performs better than expected, JDG is simply too strong of an opponent.

LNG vs T1

This matchup could go both ways, as both LNG and T1 have performed amazingly so far. But T1 tends to get better and better as the tournament progresses and has met with tougher opponents so far, which gives it a slight advantage.

Best Pick’em Worlds 2023

Each team had a different journey, some struggled more than others. The good news is, in the Knockout Stage, the grind starts all over again.

JD Gaming

Without a doubt, the favorite to take the title at Worlds 2023. The number one from the LPL is on its way to achieving what no other team has achieved before. JDG is on the golden road after winning both domestic titles and MSI. The Summoner’s Cup is the only trophy missing in its case.

JDG secured three clean and easy victories, securing their spot in the Knockout Stage early. JDG had a consistent and dominating performance. The only misstep came by the hand of LNG Esports, the one team that has taken decisive victories over JDG. Nevertheless, JDG is the favorite to take it all.

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LNG Esports

There is an argument to be made about LNG Esports being the one team to watch from the LPL. Granted, LNG had the easier schedule facing Fnatic and Cloud9 in the first two rounds. However, we cannot forget how good LNG looks when facing JDG. If it can make JDG sweat, we can only imagine the impact it will have against the other seemingly weaker teams.  

Weibo Gaming

Inconsistency is Weibo Gaming’s middle name. On a good day, Weibo looks like a worthy opponent. On a bad day, any team could take it down. Betting on Weibo is as bad a bet as it gets, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to do some damage.

Bilibili Gaming

Bilibili Gaming is not the same dominant team that challenged JDG at MSI. The team is struggling to find the right tempo, to organize themselves. In the series against T1, BLG looked lost. The condition improved just enough to guarantee a victory over G2 Esports in the last-chance qualifier. It’s not looking promising for BLG.


Gen.G is good, there is no other way about it. The team is consistent, every player is in incredible form. In terms of a narrative, there isn’t much to be said about Gen.G. An international title would look good in their case. If there is a second favorite to win the tournament, it’s Gen.G.


Every year, it feels like it’s do or die for T1, and 2023 is not the exception. T1 finished second in spring and went on to finish third at MSI. In summer, T1 was once again the runner-up. A team can only take so much before it gets desperate. T1 is the type of team that only gets better as they advance through the tournament. They will make it far, but victory is not guaranteed.

KT Rolster

One word to describe KT Rolster is unpredictable. While LNG had the easiest schedule, KT had the hardest one, which included LNG. KT is the type of team you cannot count out until the nexus is dead. In the qualification series against Dplus KIA, KT pulled off not one but two incredible comebacks. If there is one underdog who can upset the bracket, it’s KT.

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There is only one team from the West in the Knockout Stage, and it’s not the one most people predicted. NRG has been underestimated time and time again, only to end up coming on top. The LCS summer champion made it to the Knockout Stage on its first season as NRG. The best part, most of the talent in the team was developed in the amateur and academy scene.


Worlds 2023 Knockout Pick’em predictions

Time to pick the winner of Worlds 2023!

By Melany Moncada


Oct 29, 2023

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