Winter Wonderland skins

Winter Wonderland brings game modes and legendary skins to OW2

By Olivia Richman


Dec 16, 2023

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It may be getting colder outside, but it’s heating up in Overwatch 2. Winter Wonderland is back and with it, the return of winter-themed game modes and the introduction of new cosmetics.

Winter Wonderland LTMs

Like every previous Winter Wonderland event, Blizzard is bringing back snow-themed game modes that have already appeared previous years. This time, Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt, and Freeze-Flash Elimination are returning to the Arcade.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive has you all playing as Mei and throwing snowballs at each other. You can defend yourself with Ice Walls and Cryo Freeze to avoid elimination. When you get your ultimate, you can throw unlimited snowballs for a short duration of time. This includes the 5v5 Elimination version and the Deathmatch variation.

The next is Yeti Hunt, which has five Mei chasing down an overpowered Winston. While the Mei are focused on damaging Winston, he will be collecting meat to build up a Primal Frenzy that lets him fight back against the scientists.

The last wintery mode is Freeze-Flash Elimination. This is Overwatch 2’s take on freeze tag, with two teams of five fighting to eliminate each other. When you lose all your health, however, you get frozen. Teammates can thaw you out. The team that freezes the entire enemy team takes the round and three rounds wins it all.

Playing these game modes will earn you bonus XP toward the Season 8 Battle Pass and you’ll also progress through the Winter Fair.

What is the Winter Fair in Overwatch 2?

This is the first time that Blizzard is bringing the Winter Fair Event Pass to Winter Wonderland. When you play games, you earn tickets that can be spent at the Winter Fair to unlock holiday-themed rewards. You’ll get a ticket for every nine games played and wins count as double.

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At the end of the Winter Fair Event Pass, you will have enough tickets to redeem one free Legendary skin. This includes Legendary skins for Cassidy, Baptiste, or Illari.

Like the regular season battle pass, you can upgrade to the Premium track for 500 Overwatch Coins. For the Winter Fair Event Pass, that will get you bonus tickets to unlock up to three additional Legendary skins and other cosmetics, like Wrapping Paper Reinhardt or Kerrigan Widowmaker.

These cosmetics are all limited edition. They will be available until January 15, 2024.

Winter Wonderland skins

Every week the in-game shop will feature new skins for popular Overwatch 2 heroes.

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This year’s legendary skins include Formalwear skins for Tracer and Sojourn so you can get holiday party ready as well as holiday skins like Nutcracker Pharah and Festive Kiriko. There’s also the fan-requested Jingle Belle Mercy, inspired by a Winter Wonderland key art.

Winter Wonderland begins December 19.