WINNERS League S4 teams, tournament structure, and prize pool revealed

By Olivia Richman


May 12, 2020

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WINNERS League Season 4 is bringing an all-new format and all-new features to Counter-Strike: Global Offenisive players across Europe and North America, along with the wild competitive action the CSGO community has come to expect from the series.

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The new invitational season begins May 18, featuring 16 teams from North America and 16 teams from Europe. These skilled teams will fight through a Swiss group stage with the goal of securing three victories to advance. But if any team endures three losses, they’re out. The eight best teams from each region will then emerge as playoff contenders, facing off in a single-elimination best-of-three playoff bracket for the title of Season 4 champions. 

Group Stage

May 18th – 24rd – Round 1

May 25th – 31st – Round 2

June 1st – 7th – Round 3

June 8th – 15th – Round 4

June 16th – 20th – Round 5

Playoffs to begin June 22nd

The EU teams are currently: 

  • Espada
  • Nemiga
  • KOVA
  • CLEANTgg
  • BIG OmenAcademy
  • Apeks
  • Singularity
  • LDLC
  • Izako Boars
  • x6tence
  • PACT
  • cr4zy
  • MK.BPro
  • AGF
  • FATE-

The NA teams so far: 

  • Polar Ace
  • KeepCommsUp
  • Chaos EC
  • Triumph
  • New England Whalers
  • YeaH Gaming
  • Swed Canadians
  • TeamOne
  • Under 21
  • RBG Esports
  • Warriors International
  • Recon 5
  • Gillette Infinity
  • Thunder Logic
  • Morning Light

WINNERS League Season 4 structure and prizes

There are three divisions in each region. The Starter Division has a $3,900 prize pool, with $2,000 going to the NA and EU champions, respectively. The Main Division sees an increased prize pool of $6,100, with the champions from the two regions getting $2,500 each. The Invite Division has an impressive $15,000 prize pool, with the first-place teams from NA and EU both receiving $7,000. 

Here’s the full prize pool breakdown: 



1ST – $2,000

2ND – $1,000

3RD-4TH – $450



1ST – $2500

2ND – $1200

3RD-4TH – $800

5TH-8TH – $200


$15,000 PRIZE POOL

1ST – $7,000

2ND – $3,000

3RD-4TH – $1,500

5TH-8TH – $500

For many of the WINNERS League participants, it’s about far more than just the money. WINNERS League has long been a place for talented CSGO teams and players that aren’t yet at the very top level to prove themselves and earn a new place in the spotlight.

Over the past three seasons, WINNERS League has allowed deserving but sometimes overlooked CSGO teams and players to build a legacy and fight their way to the top tier of Counter-Strike. The competition only gets more meaningful every season as the competition gets stronger and the league’s audience continues to grow. 

We’ve seen so much growth already, both with our participating teams and with our fans. We’re excited about every division of play, including the great teams representing this year’s invite division,” WINNERS League project lead Nick Gorbunov said. “It’s going to be awesome.”

With its new revised Invite Division format, WINNERS League Season 4 will be more rewarding to watch than ever before. WINNERS League can be followed on Twitter, and fans can stay up to date on WINNERS League news at Live broadcasts will be available on Twitch with English broadcasts at and Russian broadcasts at

Registration ends this weekend. NA and EU teams can sign up here:


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