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Will there be a new CSGO? Could we get Source 2 or a sequel?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 19, 2022

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As modern shooter games continue to bulldoze Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, fans can’t help but think Valve’s silence may mean something. Dedicated players are hopeful that a new CSGO might save the scene. 

CSGO has garnered a massive player base since its release in 2012. Until 2020, it was the only go-to shooter game for all FPS fans. However, things took a turn when Riot Games dipped its toes in the tactical shooter genre, releasing a shiny new Valorant. Since then, Counter-Strike has slid into the background, and Valve hasn’t done anything to bring it back to the fore. 

Fans are hopeful that the developer might be cooking something huge in the background. Is a different shooter game being developed? Fans have high hopes, but this would likely not happen. 

Why Valve doesn’t want to make a second CSGO

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Valve might port CSGO to a new engine, but the chances of a new game are meager. The current CSGO isn’t precisely outdated, which is why the devs may not release a brand new game just yet. 

A fresh Counter-Strike game may not be released anytime soon. CSGO’s steam market is one of the primary reasons Valve won’t create another variant yet. Counter-Strike has one of the most lucrative skin markets. Some skins cost as much as $150,000, which is insane for a virtual item.

CSGO skin traders have created their own community, where buyers and sellers turn virtual skins into real-life money. Not only do players benefit from CSGO skins, but Valve is also making big bucks from player trades. 

Creating a new game would mean an updated market. Valve would need qualified developers to transfer this same market to a different version, a complex process. Developing a new game would mean discarding the current market or halting the trading process.

CSGO’s flourishing esports ecosystem is another reason why Valve wouldn’t consider a new version. Organizers continue to pour money in heaps to a point where CS esports have become saturated with tournaments. Moreover, the game’s player base continues to grow despite fresh contenders. 

CSGO might get a Source 2 port

CSGO 2.0 might not happen anytime soon, but the game may get ported to a new engine. Fans, data miners, and leakers have all been patiently waiting for a cleaner, more accurate, and more refined CSGO in the Source 2 engine. 

Valve has been using Source 2 to change individual parts of CSGO but has thus far refused to move over the game in its entirety. The Steam market is why the game hasn’t completely moved to a new engine. Once Valve finds a way around this issue, CSGO fans may be able to enjoy their game on a modern engine. 


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