Will Operation Broken Fang’s case and skins be discontinued?

By Nick Johnson


Apr 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Operations hold a special place in the hearts of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, but what happens to the exclusive cases once they end?

CSGO features some of the best weapon skins out of any game, especially when it comes to its operations. The limited-time events have expanded the selection of skins ever since Operation Payback, adding new features and missions as well. So do players need to scramble in order to get these eye-catching skins? Or can they save up some cash and pick them up?

Will Operation Broken Fang’s cases be discontinued?

Broken Fang is no different from past operations, with two completely new collections of skins and an entirely new case players can open for a chance at a rare drop. In all, Operation Broken Fang introduced over 50 new skins to the CSGO economy. Not all of those skins will enjoy the same degree of availability moving forward, though.

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Operation Broken Fang’s Havoc and Control collections will likely be gone forever

The Havoc and Control collections will likely disappear for good after Broken Fang is over at the end of April. That means players won’t see the coveted AWP | Fade and the lesser AK-47 | X-Ray for a long time.

That also means that lower-level skins that were picked up as players rolled for those top prizes will also increase in price as time goes on thanks to CSGO’s Trade-Up system. Even mil-spec items can reach high prices as collectors buy them up to shoot for a collection’s classified items.

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The Broken Fang case will become a rare drop

Historically, operation cases become post-game drops after each operation ends. If you’ve ever seen someone get very excited after losing a match, that might be why.

But case drops from previous operations only happen on maps that were available during its run, and there aren’t many of those left on Valve servers. There have been a few hints that Valve might resurrect old operations at some point, but players shouldn’t count on that. Instead, players would be well-served picking up Control and Havoc collection items in order to sell them at a high price in the future. While cases used to go up in price after previous operations, CSGO’s exploding popularity means there are a ton in the system.

Players can chase Broken Fang’s exclusive items until they go away on April 30.