Diablo 4 Secret Cow Level

Will Diablo 4 get a Secret Cow Level?

By Olivia Richman


Aug 21, 2023

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If you’ve ever played a Diablo game before, you’re most likely well aware of the Secret Cow Levels. But will Diablo 4 also have a Secret Cow Level?

Diablo 2 is when a Secret Cow Level first appeared, bringing players to an area where blood-thirsty Hell Bovines armed with Halberds relentlessly attacked you while eerily chanting “moo” in unison, ruled by the Cow King.

After seeing how much players enjoyed this strange detour, developers eventually added a Secret Cow Level to Diablo 3 as well. Will it also come to Diablo 4?

Is there a Secret Cow Level in Diablo 4?

Right now, there is no Secret Cow Level in Diablo 4.

Diablo 2 secret cow level

General manager Rod Fergusson did state in the past that Diablo 4 would not have any silly easter eggs in an attempt to keep the game dark and grounded. The game has a very dramatic storyline after all.

But while players have been immersed in the hellish aesthetic of the game, it’s possible that developers could add a Secret Cow Level later on once most gamers have completed the main campaign. However, Diablo 3 did face some backlash for being a bit more goofy, so Fergusson and his team may be avoiding silly easter eggs altogether this time.

Diablo 4 players see Secret Cow Level hints

Despite developers’ adamant statements that the ARPG is to be a serious, gothic-style game, players couldn’t help but notice some possible clues that a Secret Cow Level could be sprung on them as a surprise later on.

Players have noticed that there’s a mention of “Oxen Gods.” The Bloody Wooden Shard item and the Musty Tome items have also kept fans hopeful, since both of those items are references to items from Diablo 2 that were required to open the portal to the Secret Cow Level.

Are these just playful references to a fan-favorite easter egg? Or are developers hinting that a Secret Cow Level is upon us? For now, gamers can only speculate.


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