Scryer in Apex Legends

Who is Scryer in Apex Legends? Here’s what we know 

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Multiple upcoming Apex Legends characters have come to light following a massive leak, but players have their sights on a particular character. Who is Scryer in Apex Legends? 

Apex Legends’ remote cluster of planets has spawned 20 legends across 12 seasons. All the characters bring unique storylines and abilities to the table. The publisher recently released Mad Maggie, but a long list of legends is set to follow. A substantial leak has dropped the names and powers of multiple upcoming agents. 

Scryer is one of the potential Apex legends, according to the March 22 leak. A now-deleted sizable file folder containing intel about upcoming patches reveals Scryer as the ultimate recon legend. 

Who is Scryer in Apex Legends?

Scryer is an upcoming recon legend who’d efficiently help the squad gather intel. 

The massive leak came from an unknown account on Reddit, later deleted. The files included data regarding upcoming Apex Legends characters. The content should keep the players talking for the next year as it features all critical updates. Among all the revelations, players are most excited about Scryer, an intel-gatherer that has the potential to shake up the game meta. 

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Scryer, also called Haunting Stalker, would be equipped with the power to block enemies’ vision and hack into their sights. The legend would be crucial in garnering information and may replace the likes of Seer and Crypto. The two have been underwhelming throughout their existence, and Scryer may present themselves as the more viable pick. The whereabouts and backstory of this mystery stalker are currently unknown, but there is a scoop on Scryer’s kit. 

What are the abilities of Scryer in Apex Legends? 

Here are all the abilities of Scryer, the leaked legend in Apex:

  • Spectator (Passive): Automatically Optic-Haunt and spectate your killer.
  • Optic-Haunt (Tactical): Deploy a parasite trap that reveals the target’s vision.
  • Shadow Wall (Ultimate): Unleash a creeping wall of darkness that blocks sight and binds enemies.

On paper, Scryer sounds like everything Apex’s recon category could use. The legend can break into the enemy’s vision and steal crucial information. The ultimate Shadow Wall makes them an excellent stalker to lurk around enemies after blocking their sight. This leaked legend would pair the latest additions like Ash and Mad Maggie well. 

It is yet to be seen how much truth there is to these leaks. It’s worth remembering that a number of unlockable agents were revealed long before their official reveals through hidden game files, with the likes of Rampart getting confirmed more than 18 months before her launch.

Though this may suggest Scryer is close to release, the character might be in the works for a long while and might ultimately look different by the time it drops.