Mad Maggie's abilities

How to dominate Apex Legends with new legend Mad Maggie

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 17, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

A new villain has arrived in the updated outlands of Apex Legends. Mad Maggie brings disorder by blending aggression and precision with her deadly toolkit. 

Respawn has cast plenty of legends that focus on maximizing strategy and tactics. Seer and Ash were both valuable additions to Apex’s team play, but now Mad Maggie has arrived with unbridled aggression and firepower. Hailing from Salvo, this rebel warlord is mad powerful and sure to shake up the meta.

The new legend joins the protocol with an aim to make the world bleed. 

How to play Mad Maggie in Apex Legends

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The latest combat hero rolls in with the power to expose enemies, pace up on shotgun, and bulldoze enemies to death. Here’s everything Mad Maggie can do. 

Tactical ability – Riot Drill 

Maggie’s Riot Drill is death-dealing machinery that pulls enemies out of hiding points. As evident from the name, the Warlord carries a drill that penetrates through objects to deal damage. Riot Drill deals 160 damage over nine seconds, making it extremely disruptive. This damage may vary based on the thickness of the object. 

Riot Drill is easily one of the more powerful abilities in Apex Legends. It’s not only viable in an aggressive situation where one must pull enemies out of hiding spots, but it enables Mad Maggie to execute intelligent plays. Using the drill, the Warlord can buy time and pause pushes. The deadly machinery can choke tight entries, allowing Maggie to reload weapons, relocate, and escape risky situations. 

Riot Drill advanced tips and tricks

The drill can’t be destroyed, but the legend may want to steer clear of Wattson, whose gear can demolish objects. However, the Riot Drill can be a menace when paired with Seer’s Focus of Attention. The ambush artist can better guide Mad Maggie’s drill to injure the opponents. 

Passive ability – Warlord’s Ire 

Warlord’s Ire is a game-changer, forcing players to reevaluate their arsenal. The legend can expose enemies through barriers by tagging them. She also sees a boost in her speed when equipped with a shotgun. These two powers force her to stick with the team. 

Warlord’s Ire advanced tips and tricks

Mad Maggie may be the meanest lass in the outlands, but her kit requires team play. Her ability to reveal enemies can come in handy for teammates who can use the intel to push in. To really excel, the legend needs to stay in the backlines and just tag opponents with a sniper. Mad Maggie must buy her loadout smartly as a shotgun means a free speed boost that may help her pick off exposed enemies. 

Ultimate – Wrecking Ball 

Wrecking Ball releases speed-boosting pads that detonate near the enemies, dealing up to 20 damage and temporarily concussing them. It’s recommended to use Wrecking Ball when multiple enemies are huddled together to squeeze the full juice out of it. This giant grenade creates an opportunity for your team to push into enemies and take them down when they’re vulnerable. 

Wrecking Ball advanced tips and tricks

Pairing Wrecking Ball with Warlord’s Ire or Seer’s Focus of Attention is also recommended to pinpoint the most viable location. Launching it on Octane’s pad will also ensure that it travels long distances and catch enemies by surprise.