Who is Sabine in Valorant? A new agent, or something else?

By Olivia Richman


Sep 16, 2020

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For a while now, Valorant players have kept hearing the name “Sabine” while playing the game. But who is she? Is it a code name? A new agent? Who is Sabine, and why do we keep hearing her name? 

As far as the evidence goes, Sabine is not a new agent. For a while, many players speculated that Sabine was the leaked name of a new agent, sneakily mentioned by existing agents to build curiosity. Many pondered if she was a vampire, but Reyna is already serving as a sort of vampiric agent and was released in June in the middle of the ongoing confusion. 

Who is Sabine Valorant

Why do Valorant agents keep saying “Sabine”?

Valorant developers have hinted that more lore and backstory would be coming in future Acts, but so far the game is very light on background information. According to devs, the first lore hints will be coming in Episode 2. Players are currently in Episode 1 Act 2, which doesn’t end until October, so the lore behind Valorant’s agents and maps is still quite far away. 

It’s no wonder then that players are confused as to why the name Sabine keeps popping up. 

Viper, a less popular agent, brings up Sabine a few times in her voice lines. The poison-happy agent says “I’m coming for you, Sabine” seconds before her barrier goes down. She also says: “Sabine, Sabine… What have you been working on over there? I’m curious, but you don’t need to be alive for me to find out.” 

Both of these voice lines are only heard when there’s an enemy Viper. 

Who is Sabine Valorant

Omen also uses the name “Sabine.” He jokes in a voice line that Sabine used to use her skills for healing instead of experiments. These lines are only said when Viper is on his team. 

While not much is yet known about Viper’s background, Omen is the type of agent who gathers intel on others. It makes sense he might know something about Viper that nobody else does. Players so far only know that that she is a “predator” who uses poison and chemical warfore, employing “mind games” to kill her prey if the toxins don’t get to them first. 

Valorant lore theorized by players and fans

In some forum threads, fans have shared that Viper and Omen may have been married in the past. This could also explain why Omen knows more about Viper than do the audience and other agents. This type of information was gathered through fan-made lore videos, which explore possible backstories in Valorant that will be explored when the developers reveal more. 

Sage also has a voice line in the game that references Viper as “Delilah.” That has caused other fans to speculate that Sabine’s full name is Delilah Sabine, or Dr. Sabine for short. 

While most fans have become quite confident that Sabine is a reference to Viper, others have still insisted that Riot must confirm this for them to be sure. In response, some have pointed out that the game’s code already points to this conclusion. For example, an Omen voice line that says, “Don’t die here, Sabine. I need your secrets” requires an allied Viper. The voice line is written as “Play_VO_Omen_MatchStartAlly_Viper_0.” 

Still, some fans noted that they’ve definitely heard the Sabine voice lines when Viper isn’t present. Most of the Valorant community has chalked this up to a bug, since it happens for other characters as well. Phoenix will often reference there being a second Phoenix when he’s the only one in the match. 

So far, it seems possible that Sabine is actually just Viper. While this means there’s no new agent named Sabine around the corner, it still creates a lot of mystery around Viper and the agent’s lore. Players’ curiosity over every agents’ backstory will continue to increase until Episode 2, making it all the more satisfying when Valorant fans finally find out what certain in-game voice lines actually mean. 


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